After School Program

The PS 372 After School (AS) Program is available for all children who attend the school. The After School Program provides supervised Homework Help and Play between the hours of 3:10pm and 6:00pm. It is directed by Principal Ms. Rosa and PS 372 Administration. The After School Committee (see members below) meets monthly to ensure the structure and performance of the After School Program.

Kids in the Game ( will be running the After School Program Monday-Wednesday. KING provides an all-encompassing curriculum, combining homework help, dance, music, sports, and fitness games into a daily program. The KING Coordinator is Cara Hudson-

PS 372 (DOE)  will run the After School Program Thursday-Friday, staffed by PS 372 Teachers and Para-Professionals. PS 372 provides HW support, free play and some structured activities. The DOE Coordinator is Beth Huff –

A new program: HW/Early Pick up will be implemented this year. 1 hour of HW help time will be provided from 3:10-4:10. If a child does not have HW there will be reading and quiet time. PK/K will join the Full Time AS Program for the hour.

In both programs, The Full AS and the HW/Early Pick up program, children are divided into 3 groups:

  • A) Early Childhood (PreK and K)
  • B) Grades 1-2, and
  • C) Grades 3-5.

Grades 1-5 meet in the cafeteria with their respective groups and are given a peanut free snack. PK/K stay in their building and meet in a PK/K classrooms. Parents may provide additional snacks; fresh fruit or vegetables are recommended. Children are then escorted to either classrooms, the cafeteria, the gym, or the yard. Parents should check that their child’s homework has been completed.

After School begins on the student’s first full day of school. There is no After School on half-days,  school holidays, or snow days.

The Enrichment Program is run by the PTA of PS 372. The Program is divided into 3 terms Fall,Winter and Spring. The Fall Enrichment Program runs from October-December, Winter Program runs January- March and the Spring Program April-June. 


All students participating in the After School Program, HW/Early Pick up Program, Drop-In Program AND/OR the Enrichment Program must submit the After School Registration Form along with the annual $30 registration fee. Registration Forms are available below and in the PTA Center in the cafeteria. Registration for the After School Program is ongoing. Please note PK/K AS program can fill up, if so your child will be put on a waiting list.

Info form (PDF)

Registration Form (PDF)

Financial Aid Form (PDF) (also available in Spanish and Chinese)
*Please note that address is incorrect on some forms and should be 512 Carroll Street.


This is designed for parents who wish to use the After School Program on an as-needed basis. Please email requests to Janine DiLorenzo,  with the subject line “Drop-In”. For requests after 2pm, you must call the School to ensure your request is received and your child’s teachers are made aware. Requests after 2pm may not be granted if our staff-to-student ratio has reached its maximum.


After School (Full time Program) – Fee is $25/day, 1st sibling rate is $20/day, Drop In Fee $27/day

Financial Aid and Reduced rates are available, Please see or email Janine

Billing is done on a monthly basis, prior to the month of services. Prompt payment is expected. Credit is not given for days your child is absent as staff has already been hired. A late fee of $15 will apply if your tuition is not received by the 10th of that month. If your bill is more than 30 days past due, your child will not be allowed to attend AS until full payment is made. Payment may be made by check credit card or cash. Any concerns or if there is a need for payment plan please contact Janine at

Financial Aid  is available for demonstrated financial need. Please fill out form if requesting.

The form is available on or in the PTA Center. Please return to Janine in a sealed envelope. All information is confidential.

Drop-in payment is due the day of service. If your tuition bill for Drop-In is unpaid your child will not be eligible for the next requested Drop-In.

Late Pick Up – Pick up for the HW Hour/Early Pick up Program is strictly 4:10pm. If you are late picking up your child, your child will automatically be placed in the regular After School Program and you will be charged for a full day.

Pick up for the Full day After School Program is at 6:00 sharp. $25 from 6:00-6:15 and an additional $30 from 6:15-6:30. If you are going to be late please call the After school contact number below, late fees still apply. You will sign a late pickup form and the late fee will appear on your next bill. Late fees are per family, not per child. 3 Late Pick-ups will result in suspension from the program for the next 5 scheduled days.


Any changes to your child’s After School schedule must be sent to the Registrar in writing or by email with at least one week’s notice. Please review dates when you receive your monthly tuition bills to ensure your schedule is correct. Accounts cannot be credited if your child misses or will miss a scheduled day. Refunds for cancellation of program attendance will be prorated.

General Inquiries / Registration / Billing / Same Day Drop-In Requests:

Janine DiLorenzo, After School Registrar – 718-624-5271 ext.5101


While the Children’s School is a Collaborative Team Inclusion School for daytime instruction, the After School Program is not run as a Collaborative Team Teaching model. We do not have the same staff and space resources that are available during the school day, and unfortunately may not be able to adequately serve children who repeatedly require one-to-one supervision. If your child has any special needs it is important that you contact Janine DiLorenzo so the program can prepare for and support your child’s specific needs to the best of the Programs ability.

To ensure that the experience is enjoyable for everyone, we have adopted the following policies. Please ensure that you are familiar with them. To be fair to all of the other parents and children, as well as our staff, we cannot modify these policies for individual cases.

Behavior Policy:

  • We promote the teaching of personal and social skills emphasizes caring, respect, responsibility, communication, and reflection. Staff will work with children to help them adjust to the program.
  • Parents will be informed of their child’s behavior should it be continuously disruptive to the program atmosphere. If the child’s behavior becomes disruptive or continues to seriously disrupt the program, temporary or permanent removal from the class or program will be considered.
  • In the case of physical or verbal violence, Parents will be notified to take the child home. A decision to remove a child from the program is taken on a case-by-case basis.
  • We reserve the right to drop students for disruptive behavior of either the child or parent, for non-payment of tuition and for repeated tardiness.

Student Contact Information:

It is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian who has enrolled the child to keep all contact information up to date, including, but not limited to: phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, information regarding any change of guardianship, and information regarding alternate contacts or additional persons picking up your child. We are not responsible for failure to contact parents for any reason if such failure to contact parents is due to outdated or erroneous contact information.

After School Committee: Rose Amato (Principal) – Director. Bridget Nash (Assistant Principal), Beth Huff (DOE Coordinator /Student Affairs), Michael O’Neill (DOE Teacher) – Teachers Union Representative. Janine DiLorenzo – AS Registrar, Meredith Finn & Jessica Miksis  (PTA Presidents), Radha Korman (After School Treasurer).