School-Grown Lemon Verbena Makes Great Tea (+Science Experiment) !

Students Made Tea With Herbs Harvested From Garden; Winterization Work Day Info + An Invite to Use School Garden Herbs For Roots & Community Potluck 11.5

Lemon Verbena tea made by my 4th grader (in science lunch club) with herbs from school garden

Lemon Verbena tea made by my 4th grader (in science lunch club) with herbs from school garden







I was thrilled when Benji brought home 4 bags of homemade tea from science club. The students harvested lemon verbena and other herbs, dried them, and then used the dried leaves to fill tea bags. The brewed tea was delicious! Benji and I drank it hot as well as cold (over ice after a little honey was added). Amazing!

Now is the time to harvest and dry garden herbs. We’re winterizing the school garden on Saturday November 5th, in the morning before the Roots + Community Event, and we’re encouraging pot luck chefs to use school garden herbs in their heritage dishes.  Be sure to harvest before 12noon on Saturday! More info is here.

You can also volunteer to help with the winterization work on Saturday November 5th from 11am to 3pm. We’ll pull up and compost annual edible plants, clean up and pack up the garden for winter. Kids are welcome; we’ll have tasks for them such as harvesting sunflower seeds from the dried sunflowers, collecting ground cherries, and making/spreading mulch (by adding water to the coir brick). Great sensory stuff!  (Please note there is no childcare, parents are responsible for any minors they bring.) It’s a great active and family-friendly way to get involved in PS372 community. All community members, including teachers, paraprofessionals and student relatives are welcome. Join us!

–Denise Maher, Garden Committee Chair


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