Read-a-thon – Email Sponsors

Please fill out the form below and we will automatically send a Read-a-thon Sponsorship email to up to 15 sponsors. Sponsors will be able to reply back to the parent or guardian email you provide in case they have any questions. View our email template here.

If a sponsor wants to donate money to multiple students we highly recommend sending the email blast below for each student. With this approach, sponsors will receive a separate email request for each student with a customized URL that will ensure they get credit. You will be cc’d on the email that gets sent for your own records.

Please be aware that this email will include all sponsors CC’d onto the same email. If for any reason you don’t want sponsors to see each other, we recommend you submit the form below with that in mind. You are free to submit this form multiple times.

If you would like to make your own donation or would rather send requests via your own email, you may send them the direct link to our Sponsor Form. If you choose this option please supply them the student(s) “” email address so they will received credit.