Readathon Is Almost Over

Our 7th annual Readathon has just a few days left!

Our mission is to create a fun school community event that celebrates reading while  empowering students to participate in fundraising for PS 372. All money raised will go to fund school activities, 10% of which will go to our school libraries at both sites.  

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January Events

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Thanks to all the parents and guardians who stay after Families as Partners to learn about events and committees that will make the rest of the school year shine.

We have a number of flagship events that are run by graduating parents, and as much as we want them to keep running things like the Valentines’ Dance, we don’t think it will happen! We need new volunteers to learn the ropes and keep awesome things happening.

Giving Thanks for The Children’s School

During this time of year, and always, we are grateful for our school community, which came together to weather the last crazy month. We are thrilled that the money taken from our PTA accounts ($304,000) was reinstated after the bank honored our fraud claim.  

Some highlights from the Urgent Appeal (now rebranded the Annual Appeal):

  • 104 donors so far
  • Donations received on behalf of students in every grade and from both sites
  • More than a dozen alumni donations
  • At least 3 international donors
  • A total of $37,300 raised so far!