Stay and Play!

What is STAY & PLAY! ?

Stay & Play! is the NEW PS 372 PTA sponsored
Afterschool & Enrichment Program! Registration for the 2019-2020 school year opens mid-August.

Mission Statement: We strive to provide the PS 372 families with a fun, inclusive, and affordable after school program which empowers and supports our children’s growing bodies and minds by providing thoughtful and engaged leadership that encourages play and friendship.

How Does The Stay & Play! After School Program Work?
The Stay & Play! After School Program is available to all students who attend The Children’s School (grades Pre-K – 5). Stay & Play! separates students into groups by grade (Pre-K & K, 1st-2nd, 3rd-5th). Stay & Play! runs every school day (not including half days) from 3:10 PM day until 6:00 PM and is available starting on the first full day of the school, ending the last full day of school. You are able to enroll and attend Stay & Play! for as many days (1-5 days) a week as you would like. Drop-Ins are also welcome.

What is the Stay & Play! Enrichment Program?
The Stay & Play! Enrichment Program has a different fee structure and separate registration from the Stay & Play! After School Program. The Enrichment Program provides a variety of specialized classes starting in October and will run in trimesters: Fall, Winter & Spring for 8-10 weeks depending on the calendar year. Classes run from 3:10 PM – 4:40 PM.

What Does Stay & Play! Offer?

Stay & Play! Date

This program is for our Pre-K and K students. Stay & Play! Date is styled after a group playdate. This program encourages play and friendship with all. Children eat a snack, play outside, play in an early education classroom, enjoy a group book reading, and/or make a craft. This program is overseen by Renee Gilbert. As Early Childhood students do not have homework, there is no homework time – just Play! Play! Play!

Stay & Play! Homework Time

Monday – Thursday there will be an hour-long homework period for students in 1st grade – 5th grade. The homework time will be supervised by a PS 372 Teacher and take place in a quiet space conducive to learning.

Stay & Play! Offers Choices!

Aside from their homework time, students grades 1st- 5th can choose between:

Stay & Play! Sports

Students play in a positive, organized game (i.e. soccer or flag football) facilitated by our Head Coach Unyque Rencher and assisted by engaged and inclusive sports coaches.

Stay & Play! Games

Students play active camp style games (i.e. obstacle courses) facilitated by Head Coach Anthony Montalado and assisted by engaged and inclusive sports coaches.

Stay & Play! Rec Room

Students are provided with a space to read, play board games, or create art with provided materials. The Rec Room is supervised by Leigh Noseworthy. If desired, students may bring their own materials to read, play or make art as approved by the Rec Room Staff. (No electronics, screens or trading cards allowed).

Stay & Play! Enrichment Program

The Stay & Play! Enrichment Program has a separate fee structure and separate registration form the Stay & Play! After School Program. The Enrichment Program provides an array of specialized classes taught by teaching professionals either independently or in partnership with a reputable children’s program. The goal is to provide enrichment classes that are exciting, engaging and affordable to PS 372 families. The Enrichment Program runs trimesters, Fall, Winter and Spring, for 8-10 weeks, dependent on the class and the calendar year. Enrichment classes dismiss at 4:40 PM. Enrichment students can be picked up at 4:40 PM or families can opt for students to enroll in Stay & Play! until the 6:00 PM pick-up time. Enrichment students are pro-rated for the remainder of the Stay & Play! time period.

Registration & Payment

Stay & Play! After School
Stay & Play! will be using an online program called SAWYER (REGISTRATION LINK COMING MID-AUGUST) to facilitate registration and billing. Families may also register in person at the beginning of the school year with Program Director Janine DiLorenzo at her desk in the PS 372 PTA office (off the ICT cafeteria). Please remember that you need to show ID to the security agent to enter the school building.

There is a 1-time registration fee of $15 per school year. If you register online before the first day of school, the registration fee will be waived.

Registration for Stay & Play! After School is on a trimester schedule. There are 3 trimesters per school year, therefore each trimester equals 60 days.

Payments are required twice per trimester, i.e. every 30 school days. There will be a re-occurring payment on the card provided when you register. If you do not have a credit card and/or prefer to pay by check or cash, please contact Programs Director Janine DiLorenzo at to arrange payment.

Stay & Play! Enrichment
Registration for Stay & Play! Enrichment is also on a trimester schedule, per class basis. The Fall, Winter and Spring trimesters for Enrichment run on a different calendar than the After School Program. Enrichment Classes run 8-10 weeks, depending on the class and calendar. The Fall trimester starts in October, the Winter trimester in January, and the Spring trimester in April.

Registration will be open in August of 2019.

Payments for Stay & Play! Enrichment Classes are due in total upon registration.

Financial Assistance
We provide scholarship aid based on individual needs with minimal documentation. Forms will be available mid-August or you may request one from Janine DiLorenzo. All financial aid applications are confidential. Financial Aid Applications and assistance is provided on a sliding scale basis. Please note that the Stay & Play! Program strives to be affordable and accessible to all families.

Stay & Play! Program Rates
The Stay & Play! After School Program costs $25 per day per student if you enroll for a the trimester. The price does not vary based on the amount of days you attend.

There is a 10% sibling discount per sibling for the After School program.

Please note, for Stay & Play! After School, there is no longer a flat fee on a per month basis. We are now structuring After School into three 60-day trimesters over the course of the 180-day school year.

The Drop-in Rate is $30 per day. Drop-In for a sibling is $20.

If you wish for your student to stay on for an extended day after an Enrichment class, it will cost an additional $10 per day.

Stay & Play! Program Policies & Procedures

● All Students MUST be REGISTERED (Registration opens in August 2019) in order to attend the Stay & Play! Program.

● All accounts must be paid to date in order to attend the Stay & Play! Program. If there is a request for Financial Assistance or payment plans please contact Programs Director Janine DiLorenzo at:

● The Stay & Play! phone numbers are (917) 295-7779 or 917-685-8350. Hours for the Stay & Play! phones are 3:10 PM – 6:00 PM. Stay & Play! staff does not have access to school phones.

● Pick up is in the gym. Please enter to pick up your children through the Recreational Building doors at 219 1st Street.

● Persons picking up are not permitted to go beyond the gym entrance upon arrival. Staff will call your child and your child will be brought to you.

● All students must be signed out of the Stay & Play! Program daily by a designated parent or caregiver. If there are individuals who are not allowed to pick up your child, you must notify Programs Director Janine DiLorenzo at

● The Stay & Play! After School Program ends promptly at 6:00 PM. Rec Building doors are locked at 6:00 pm. Late pick-up is at the main school entrance, 512 Carroll Street. There is a charge of $15 for late pick-up.

● If you need to request same day Drop-In service, please email Programs Director Janine DiLorenzo at with the subject line DROP-IN. If you do not receive a response, please text Janine at (917) 685-8350. Families must also register through Sawyer before using the Drop-In service (site coming soon).

If you have any changes to your dismissal plan do NOT forget to write a note to your Teachers via backpack AND please send an email to If the change is on the day of, you must also text Janine DiLorenzo at (917) 685-8350. Teachers are not guaranteed to check their email during the school day.

The PS 372 school day ends at 3:10 PM. If a student has not been picked up from school by 3:25 pm, they will automatically be enrolled in the Stay & Play! After School program at the Drop-In rate of $30 for the day. Once in the program, families must register their child(ren). Late pick-up for school students will be in the gym. Please enter through the Recreational Building doors at 219 1st Street for late pick-up from the school day.

● There is an After School Committee Board to support and provide assistance to the After School program. The members of the board are parents from the Stay & Play! program, members of our PTA Executive Board and also members of our administration. If you’d like to join that group, which meets several times a year, or have matters you’d like to bring to its attention, please email Janine DiLorenzo at:

● Please ensure Staff is aware of any special concerns, issues or situations concerning your child. Stay & Play! is an inclusive program and we will do everything we can to meet a child’s needs.

● If your child needs an Epipen or Asthma Pump, you must provide one to the Stay & Play! Program staff in a name labeled box on the first day. If your child requires these medications, he or she may not attend the program until staff has the medications in hand.

● Parents/Guardians are responsible to update any and all information regarding their child (personal concerns, pick up authorizations, phone numbers, allergies etc.) when they register. You can update this information beginning mid-August or contact Janine DiLorenzo at regarding these changes.

● If any issue arises (behavioral or social/emotional) with a student during Stay & Play!, we will contact their Parents or Guardians. If a child’s behavior is creating a consistent issue (safety for him/herself or others) during Stay & Play!, we will call a meeting with the parent to discuss how to best address. Please note: Janine is available to discuss any concerns and the program will strive to find a solution.

● Healthy snacks from NYC School Food are provided to the children, PreK/K students are also given juice or water. Please send additional snack such as fruit, veggies or a sandwich if you choose. NO PEANUTS/NUTS, gum or lollipops allowed.

● In case of weather or emergency closures please be advised Stay & Play! will follow DOE announcements.

● It is recommended you label all your child’s belongings.

● PreK/K Students: It is recommended you have an extra pair of clothing in your child’s backpack in a labeled Ziplock bag.