School Leadership Team (SLT)

The School Leadership Team is a collaborative team of parents, teachers, staff and the principal that is mandated by state law to play a significant role as an advisory panel in representing the school community. The School Leadership Team is responsible for working with the administration to determine the school’s annual goals and to develop the school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan for the year.

The SLT is made up of seven staff members (elected by the staff) and seven parents (elected by the parents), who are elected for two-year terms.

Parents’ membership on the School Leadership Team helps ensure that parents’ voice is represented in important decisions that affect teaching and learning in our school. The team provides an excellent forum for committed parents to make a valuable contribution to our school. Participation requires time, dedication, creativity, and hard work. In addition to the SLT mandate, over the years, our team has also chosen to work on issues such as student diversity, school safety, and fostering parent-teacher communication.

A full listing of this year’s members can be found on the SLT Members Page.

Contact Info:

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All members of the school community are encouraged to join any of these committees, and all committee and SLT meetings are open to everyone.


The School Leadership Team meets once a month, with additional committee meetings at other times.

SLT Committees:

The Diversity Committee leads initiatives to increase the diversity of The Children’s School and to create a more racially, ethnically, and economically inclusive environment, as reflected in the school’s original mission and vision. Among the issues the committee has addressed are strategies for increasing the diversity of our entering classes and antiracist education.

The Social-Emotional Development/Community Building Committee works to strengthen relationships and address social concerns within our school community, at both the main site and the ASD site. Among the issues the committee has addressed are easing the transition from the 6:1:1 to the ICT site; improving parent-school communications through needs assessments; helping teachers obtain training for continuing education on social-emotional development issues; bringing interactive role-plays to the classroom to encourage dialogue about teasing, bullying and cooperation; and discussing issues of inclusion with parents, staff, and children.

The Middle School Committee works to effectively gather and disseminate information to parents going through the middle school transition process regarding available options in the district, highlighting the unique character of each of the middle schools within the district which might be most appropriate for families of PS372. The committee will also be responsible for making sure communication regarding the middle school process, admissions processes and admission deadlines, etc. are effectively communicated to the community. Finally, the committee would liaise with elected officials as necessary to represent the current and future needs of our students as it relates to available middle schools and the middle school admission process.

Relevant Legislation:

Under State Education Law, Section 2590, all New York City public schools are required to establish School Leadership Teams. SLTs must comply with the current Chancellor’s Regulation A–655.