About the Annual Appeal

What Is the Annual Appeal?

The Children’s School Annual Appeal is the year-long fundraising campaign for the PTA of PS 372. It is one of the largest sources of funds for the PTA and has the least cost overhead of all of our fundraising initiatives. You direct giving contribution stretches farther when you contribute to the appeal.

How Much Should I Give?

To maintain our current programs, we request a donation of $180 per child. This comes out to approximately $1 a day, per child, during the school year. However, any amount, no matter how large or small, would be greatly appreciated! Our goal is to achieve 100 percent participation from our families. This is important because organizations use participation levels as a major criterion for awarding grants (we are exploring grant opportunities to fund much-needed capital improvements, etc.).

Why Is the Annual Appeal Important?

The PTA supports the programs that make our school so special: art, dance, library, multimedia, music, physical education, and science, as well as in-school enrichment programs such as architecture and chess. Our PTA also funds a number of critical educational components, including professional development for teachers and staff, many of the school’s supplies, and mini-grants for each classroom and specialist to enable them to enhance their curriculum as they choose.

Due to ongoing cuts in education funding, many of these programs could not exist without the support of the families of our students.

Is My Contribution Tax Deductible?

Your contribution is entirely tax-deductible, and amounts will never be publicly disclosed.

Can Employers Match Our Contributions?

YES, Don’t forget to check with your employer to see if they will match your contribution. Your gift could be doubled!! Please check whether your employer has a matching- gifts program, as you may be able to increase or even double your donation.

How Can I Donate?

You may pay by credit card by going to our online donation page.
You may pay by check or cash by printing the Annual Appeal Contribution Form, filling it out, and putting the form and your contribution into an envelope marked “Annual Appeal”. Bring the envelope to the PTA office, put it in your child’s folder and the teacher’s will deliver it to the PTA office, or mail it to:

PTA of PS 372
Annual Appeal
512 Carroll Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

How Does the PTA Spend Funds Raised?

PTA funds cover many of the programs that make our school strong and unique.

  1. Mini grants for classroom and specialist teachers – some get basic supplies, some pay for professional development, some use it for field trips, some replace carpets.
  2. Physical education supplies for all of our kids
  3. Enrichment programs – such as chess instruction, opera, architecture, Lego robotics, Jazz @ Lincoln center, Mbira workshop, Thunderbird Indian Dancers and Chen dance center, and lunch clubs.
  4. Community Building initiatives – such as the New Family Picnic, Roots & Community, and the always fabulous Staff Appreciation Luncheon.
  5. The PTA will also sponsor children – for items 4th grade Philly trip, and 5th grade graduation.


Thank you for your support!

The PTA Executive Board