PTA President

Games Night a Success

Thank you to everyone who helped make Games Night possible! The event was a huge success and everyone who attended had a great time.  Special thanks to Resa Matthews who boldly took the reins and did such a fantastic job of planning and organizing.

No parking on First St. by gym!

A message from the School Safety Committee to parents: Please do not park on First Street in front of the gym at drop-off, even for a minute.  We need this block for bus parking and cars parked there create a dangerous situation for the buses, the traffic and the pedestrians.  Thank you for your cooperation.

My Kid Has Lice. Eeeecckkk! Now What?

Lice are an unfortunate byproduct of having lots of little heads in one room together. Lice do not care whether your school is public or private, whether you live in a mansion or a studio, and when deciding between a dirty head and one that has just been washed, they will happily jump into either.…

Greetings from the PTA President

As the year gets rolling, you will start to receive what seems like an overwhelming amount of paperwork and email from the PTA.  Almost all of it asks for money in one way or another (Games Night, Pizza Friday, Dues). So, for my first-ever PTA report for, I want to explain to you how the…