Bus and Public Transportation Information

Below you will find information about school transportation.  If you would like your child to take the school bus or receive a Metrocard please return the appropriate form. (The links will download PDF forms for you to fill out and return to school.)

Bus Routes 2022-2023

  • There are now Social Groups for our school’s bus routes on Konstella. If the bus is running late, breaks down or any other pertinent information needs to be shared school administration will use them to communicate with families. Note that messages will be delivered according to your Konstella settings, so you may want to check those if you would like to receive immediate text messages, for example. You can check your preferences under the “wheel” in the app (and then look for Notifications”) or Account Settings >> Notifications on a desktop.  More information about Konstella is here.

Request for Gen Ed School Bus

Metrocard Request

Please note:

1. There is no matron on the general education school bus. Some routes are shared with other schools.


2. The Office of Pupil Transportation created these routes and sadly the bus is at near or full capacity . There is no possibility of social distancing. Bus drivers are instructed to keep windows open for ventilation but that is not enforced by the bus company or the Office of Pupil Transportation. The children are instructed to wear their masks on the bus but the driver is not able to monitor the mask wearing.


3. These times are from the Office of Pupil Transportation and they are approximate.


4. You can start the bus on the first day of school. Please fill out the form with information that will come home in your child’s folder on the first day of school. 


5. You MUST communicate with your child’s teacher DIRECTLY regarding the first day your child is taking the bus home. It is also extremely important that you information the teachers IN WRITING of any changes in the student’s dismissal plan.

6.  Children may not ride the bus with a friend for a playdate and your child should use the same bus stop for the morning and afternoon.