Enrichment Options

Availability of classes below will vary with each session of the school year.

Science with Ms. Kathy:

Everyone loves to explore the world of science w/ Ms. Kathy! In this class, children will partake in many fun experiments such as making slime, creating snow, exploring the garden, observing bugs, testing stomp rockets and so much more! (Grades: PreK-5th)

Instructor: Kathy Mullen


Craft Creators is an arts class for kids. Students will use various craft tools to cut, glue, color or paint seasonal or theme based make and take craft projects. (Grades: PreK & K)

Instructor: Amy Vagelatos


Welcome artists and makers of things!

In this workshop we will be drawing, painting, making and building. Join me in creating and bringing your ideas to life. (Grades: 1st-5th)

Instructor: Marina Pavlutskaya


Students will explore different a variety of fantasy books to inspire drawings, paintings, poetry and short stories in our own hardback books.(Grades: 1st-5th)

Instructor: Alice Hoff

Splat Lab:

Splat Lab is an enrichment class that was created for the sole purpose of having fun! Through STEAM inspired activities, kids problem solve, explore and feel a sense of belonging in the group. STEAM based activities such as making slime, creating pipe cleaner puppets and building with unconventional materials.
(Grades: PreK-2nd)
Instructor: splatlab.com

Tri-State Chess:
We offer the opportunity for elementary and junior high/high schools to develop and/or improve their after school chess programs, by placing well trained and experienced chess coaches and providing interactive and challenging chess lessons. Our aim is to provide a positive learning environment so kids can enjoy chess as they learn it. Classes are structured using prizes to reinforce learning and good play. (Grades: 1st-5th)

Instructor: TriState Chess

Dance Advance:

A healthy, high energy, learn-through-dance, educational dance party

Ever thought you could attend a dance party and learn at the same time? Dance Advance students are fully engaged and guided through dance, music, games, and creative exercise while learning STEAM curriculum, French language, and positive socialization, all within a joyful, structured, music and dance environment.

Dance Advance creates a safe, respectful space where children trust and positively connect with Mr. Marc’s unique MC approach to having fun while learning.

The program ends with a special grand finale class performance and Family Dance Contest with prizes for all. Students also receive Dance Advance “Champion” certifications. (Grades: PreK-2nd)

LINK: Dance Advance in action with the Brooklyn Public Library: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JXIWbTL3N4

Instructor: Marc Herstein

Raise the Bar:

Hip Hop songwriting, voice recording, theatrical performance, and music video production class.

Imagine writing and recording a professional hip hop song with your friends, then producing a professional music video for it, and finally presenting a “Hamilton” style theatrical performance to a special invited guest audience, with No need for any experience! 

Guided and mentored by a Rolling Stone magazine and Billboard Charts featured artist known to us as Mr. Marc, students learn how to rap, sing, vocal record, produce a professional music video, and perform live.  Students learn the basics of vocal recording with industry standard music recording equipment and google spreadsheets. 

All students receive Raise The Bar “Master of Ceremony” certifications, a mastered MP3 of their song, and a private link to their music video. (Grades: 3rd-5th)

CLICK LINK for Music Video and other Raise The Bar Video and Song Samples. https://www.marcherstein.com/raisethebarwork

KEY INTEGRATED TAKEAWAYS: Collaborative Creative Practice, Songwriting Process and Structure, Audio Recording Skills, Rapping Technique, Singing and Performance Skills, Video Production Skills, Google Spreadsheet Skills, Positive Identification with School.

Instructor: Marc Herstein


LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential curriculum units are designed around playful narrative-based problem-solving with relatable themes that can develop young students into independent STEAM thinkers.

LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential includes 5 units that focus on national standards for elementary grades. Each unit is comprised of seven to eight 45-minute lessons, plus language arts and math extensions for each lesson. This is 50 hours of classroom content in total!

During each lesson, students brainstorm and develop creative solutions through trial and error while collaborating with their peers.​ (Grades 3rd-5th)

Instructor: David McLaurine & Jelani Hypolite


Run4Fun promotes wellness in youth emotionally, physically, and socially through running. Run4Fun’s curriculum couples life skills while developing an active and healthy lifestyle through running. Sessions include dynamic warm-ups, age-appropriate distance runs, running technique, nutritional activities, running games, team building activities, tag games, relays, and a cool down. Run4Fun will also offer opportunities to participate in races, including the NYC half Marathon youth races through Times Square. Please be sure your child wears appropriate clothes. (Grades: K-5th)


Learn to Bike Ride:

During this class, students will learn to ride bicycles through a series of lessons that lead them from safety basics such as helmet fitting and Air-Brake-Chain (ABC) checks into bike skills of balancing, pedaling, and stopping. By the end of the class, students will be able to confidently ride a two-wheeler for longer stretches and navigate a series of obstacles simulating street designs set up to test their skills.  (Grades: 3rd-5th)

Instructor: Emily Strutts


This very active class combines stretching, jumping and flipping. Gymnasts will learn basic tumbling skills and gain strength, balance and flexibility. With each session, gymnasts will have fun challenges and exciting moments! (Grades: PreK-5th)

Instructor: Anthony Maldonado


A more guided soccer program that aims at teaching kids the fundamentals of soccer, teamwork and learning a healthier way to be competitive. Students will learn ball control, shooting and passing. Most of all, they will learn how to work as a team and have fun! (Grades: 1st-5th)

Instructor: Phelan Kenyon-Jones

The Brooklyn Strategist: (NOT AVAILABLE WINTER SESSION 2 )

The Brooklyn Strategist focuses entirely on games that require face-to-face interaction. We have a huge inventory of over 500 board and card games (including many out-of-print games) and multiple table sizes to accommodate games for 2 players and games for up to 8 players. Critical thinking and strategy development don’t occur in a vacuum but happen when playing together face-to-face and with supervision. Our play-based curriculum creates an enriched learning environment that teaches valuable problem solving skills and encourages social interaction. Kids have a blast and have no idea they are developing important critical thinking abilities and improving neurodevelopmental functions. Children will play games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Chess and a variety of other games. There are no computer or digital games of any kind. (Grades: 1st-5th)

Instructor: https://thebrooklynstrategist.com/


The introductory class will offer the basics in hand embroidering, with a final design created and embroidered by each student.

Benefits, least of which is the opportunity to create uniquely beautiful pieces of art. But for many, it’s the sense of calm and peace it allows the mind and body to experience. In a world that’s moving way too fast, especially for young children, this art form can be restorative as it enhances fine motor skills; settles an
active body; holds focus and attention, while allowing creativity to flow in its own uniquely special way. If you think your child will benefit from this class, you may sign up as it is being offered as an enrichment. (Grades 2nd-5th)

Instructor: Chandra Ramsundar

Music Class:

Join us for a harmonious journey where laughter meets learning. In this dynamic class, children will discover the joy of music through hands-on experiences with drums and rhythm sticks. Let the beats of fun and creativity resonate as we explore the magical rhythm of music together. Your child’s musical adventure starts here! (Grades K-5th)

Instructor: Linda Walker

Percussion Instruments:

Unlock your child’s inner musician with Ms. Linda’s innovative afterschool program! Dive into the
world of rhythm and melody as we transform everyday items into handcrafted drums and guitars. It’s
not just about music; it’s about creativity, teamwork, and discovery. Your child will explore the magic
of sound through accessible materials, fostering a love for music and the arts. Don’t miss this chance
to strike a chord in your child’s heart with our musical adventure. Join us and watch them march to
the beat of their own drum! (Grades K-5)

Instructor: Linda Walker