Health Screener 

Due to the pandemic, all teachers, staff, and students are required to complete the NYC Health Screener form daily. Parents are required to complete the form for their child/ren to ensure that they do not have COVID-19 signs/symptoms, and/or a fever of 100 degrees or higher. 

You MUST do this daily prior to arriving at the school.  If this is not done, you will need to complete it on paper and then have the child’s temperature taken. Please wait away from the student line up if you have not done your screening.  

Go to

  • Sign in as a guest
  • Facility you are visiting: is The Children’s School
  • Floor: please indicate your child’s class

If you respond yes to any of the questions on this screener, please DO NOT come to the school. 

Students who fail the health screening should contact their school to notify the school of their absence and to discuss how to remain engaged in remote learning. 

For students who travel via school bus: Families must complete the screening, including checking their child’s temperature, prior to boarding a school bus to make certain that their child is well enough to ride on the bus and attend school. Bus personnel will not be conducting screenings of children prior to boarding the bus. School site designated staff will be checking for completion of student health screening at entry. Students who lack the screening clearance will need to be supported in completing this screening process at the school, particularly young children.

Masks and Social Distancing

All students, teachers and staff are required to wear a face mask while at school. Please send your child in with a mask, daily. We ask that you discuss the importance of wearing a mask with  your child/ren. We will also be practicing social distancing while in school. Your child’s teacher and building staff will discuss what social distancing will look like in the classroom and in school. It is expected that our students will follow these procedures and we ask you to partner with us in this endeavor. Having conversations with your child/ren prior to the start of school will help us greatly!


If you have any questions regarding your child/ren bus route or bus number call 718-392-8855. You are also able to access all bus information on your NYC MYSCHOOLS account. For information regarding this account, please contact Parent Coordinator, Yvette Agas-Bautz.  

Breakfast and Lunch service

Breakfast and lunch will both be a grab and go service. If your child wishes to have breakfast or lunch, this will be available daily and there is no need to order ahead of time.  

Students will eat all meals in their respective classroom. Children will not travel to the cafeteria to eat any meals. 

After-school program

At present time, there is NO in person afterschool program. Remote enrichment options may be available later in the school year.  


The safety and security of our students and staff is a priority. Due to the pandemic we are looking to limit all visitors to the school building. If you need to come to the school please be sure to contact the main office before visiting by calling 718 624 5271 for the Carroll Street site and 718 858 6291 for our Adelphi Street site. 

All meetings will be held virtually as teachers will not be permitted to have parent meetings in the school.  


All classrooms are fully stocked with adult and student masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and where necessary, gowns and N95 masks. All students are required to arrive at school wearing a mask. If the need arises during the school day where a child requires a change of mask, that will be available.

Wall mounted thermometers are mounted at the main entrance and the school bus entrance. 

Students and staff will be provided with a take home thermometer to assist with the completion of the daily health screening. 

Wall mounted hand sanitizer dispensers have been mounted outside of every classroom to ensure that students and staff sanitize prior to entering the classroom. 

Cleaning and Sanitizing Protocols

We know that cleaning and sanitizing protocols are of utmost importance to staff, students, and families. Custodian engineers are key contributors in ensuring that our students and school communities remain healthy and safe. Custodian engineer Mike Lanzi and his team have been directed to be diligent in ensuring that all bathrooms are always sufficiently stocked with soap and paper towels. Additionally, Mike and his team will ensure that all handwashing sinks are in a state of good repair. 

To minimize the potential transmission of the COVID-19 virus, the custodian engineer has been directed to implement the following cleaning and disinfecting protocols in the buildings:

  • Nightly disinfecting of all exposed surfaces in all occupied spaces in their assigned buildings.
  • Disinfecting of these areas must take place daily, utilizing electrostatic backpack sprayers with the approved disinfectant.
  • All non-porous, frequently contacted surfaces such as desk/table tops, drinking fountains, faucet handles, door hardware, push plates, light switches, and handrails are to be wiped down and disinfected throughout the day utilizing an anti-viral disinfectant and cleaning product following the respective cleaning product’s labels.
  • Special attention is to be paid to horizontal surfaces in the building’s common areas, classrooms, and bathrooms.

Instructional Lunch Cleaning Protocols

School staff are encouraged to make frequent use of either disinfectant wipes or spray bottles with disinfectant throughout the day, including after breakfast and lunch. Disinfectant wipes will be provided by custodians to staff for use for all classrooms at any time.

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