Lice Screening

We at The Children’s School are extremely vigilant about preventing wide-spread outbreaks. This includes three school-wide lice checks per year, which are run by our PTA and staffed by many fearless parent volunteers (THANKS !). You will need to fill out a permission slip for each child who will be screened. (Starting in 2018, the cost of the screenings is covered by the PTA.)

Lice Permission Slip 2018-19 (PDF)

Having lice is in NO WAY a reflection of cleanliness of the home, but getting rid of them does require a concerted effort on the part of our whole community.

Information from the DOE on lice screening.

In addition to that, we would like to provide a step-by-step pictorial on how to do a lice comb-out. Note that using thick, white conditioner such as Pantene can help capture the critters.  Please remain vigilant in checking your children!

The Lice Check dates for 2018-2019 are listed below. If your child is found to have lice, a member of the PTA will call the child’s parent for an immediate pickup. If your child is found to have nits, a letter will be sent with your child at the end of the day. Children found with lice and nits will be rechecked on Monday.

Friday, October 12th  (with follow up Monday, October 15th)

Friday, January 11th (with follow up Monday, January 14th)

Friday, May 3rd (with follow up Monday, May 6th)

You can reach out to the lice committee at