Inclusions.org is the website of the PTA of PS372. For more information on PS372, including the school’s philosophy and mission, visit here.

The mission of the PTA of PS 372 is to enhance the educational and enrichment opportunities for all students in keeping with the school’s unique inclusions philosophy and mission, and to foster a supportive community among students, parents, teachers and administrators. All parents and guardians of Children’s School students are automatically members of the PTA.

The Inclusions website is designed as a resource to serve the parents and caregivers of PS372 by providing them with educational articles, reminders and recaps of school events, and announcements from the PTA, parent coordinator, and other school committees. Our hope is that the website will be a forum where parents and caregivers can post comments and suggestions. (The site doesn’t replace ps372.org, our school’s official DOE site or a Yahoo! Group for your child’s class).