This is [Student First Name] [Student Last Name] and I’m participating in a Read-a-thon to help raise money for my school (PS 372, The Children’s School in Brooklyn NY) which I’m totally excited about.

Here is how it works. For the entire month of February, I read (or am read aloud to) as much as possible each day, and I keep track of the minutes that I read online in my school Read-a-thon account. Will you please sponsor my reading? You may either give a one-time donation OR an amount of money per minute that I read (or am read to). If you choose to sponsor me per minute, you can still fill out the form today and my school will send an invoice after February is complete and my reading has been tallied.

All of the money that you donate will go directly to P.S. 372 to support enrichment at my school. 10% of what we raise will go to our school libraries to buy new book titles. Thank you so much for considering supporting my reading efforts and my school!

Specific Enrichment by Grade (for Pre-Covid 19 years):

PreK: Creating an original production with Mr. Danny, a visiting artist
Kindergarten: Creating an original production with Mr. Danny, a visiting artist
1st Grade: Creating an original opera with Mr. Danny, a visiting artist
2nd Grade: Learning to play chess with Ready, Set, Chess in the fall and studying architecture and bridges in the spring with the Center for Architecture
3rd Grade: A collaboration with the Chen Dance Center to enhance the study of China and also working with SRT Productions to enhance our knowledge of Egypt
4th Grade: A collaboration with the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers for 6 dance workshops and 1 performance and a Park Slope Project with visiting artist, Mr. Danny, that goes hand in hand with our social studies unit
5th Grade: A study of photography with the Center for Arts Education and the Seussical musical
6:1:1 Site: Marquis Studio Arts Program

Some examples of school-wide enrichment in past years: Our One School, One Book program, 4th and 5th grade studios, lunch clubs for all grades, the Carnival, Field Day tee shirts, new technology for the classrooms, visiting authors for each grade, and all events are free admission such as Roots and Community, Movie Nights and the Valentine’s Day Dance.

This challenging year our school PTA is committed to providing every teacher and specialist (including remote staff) mini grants to assist them in best supporting our students.

Use the link below to donate today! My school email address will automatically be filled into the form for your convenience. If that does not work, my email address is [Student’s Email]. Having the correct email address will ensure I get credit for your donation! If you have any questions you may reply to this email and it will be sent to my parent or guardian.

PS 372 Sponsor Form

Thank you!
[Student First Name]

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