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We Have Butterflies!

Hatchin’ Action Alert! Login to your dropcam account to observe them or send a request for an invitation to garden@ps372pta.org . Many more will hatch in the days to come! Can’t remember your login? Go to dropcam.com and reset your password. (Or check your browser history for SCIENCE ROOM PS372) If you requested an invite…

Earth’s Birthday Project: A Gift To The Inclusions Garden


Behind the scenes: Our new Dropcam captures every move of the painted lady larvae

Since Earth’s Birthday Project distributed the cup full of caterpillars through Grow To Learn last week, the students have had their eyes on their development. Now, thanks to the generous grant from National Educational Environment Foundation (NEEF), we can watch them round the clock — and record them — with our newly installed Caterpillar Cam. Want to watch? Send a note to garden@ps372pta.org to get an electronic invitation. See more here.