Your School Garden Needs You

The School Garden, Science Teachers + Students Need YOU!

The school garden (on the corner of Denton Place and 1st Avenue) is now in its 4th wonderful year.

Your kids participate in a living classroom every year, guided by their amazing science teachers. They grow vegetables and flowers from seed and observe the incredible transformation that takes place from seed to harvest to table.

There is a sensory garden filled with fragrant herbs that the kids have made into tea. In this sensory garden, the children have also had a chance to experience the taste and texture of edible flowers.

The perennial garden is a haven for many native pollinating insects and bees. It is watered from rain barrels that collect water from the gym roof, which teaches our children about the important concepts of conservation and sustainability.

The fun to be had and the learning that takes place inside PS 372’s garden is endless, but it needs your involvement. We need volunteers who would like to help ensure that this great project continues on through the years for the benefit of upcoming generations at both the ICT and ASD sites. We are looking for individuals who want to keep the fun alive and cultivate the many wonderful benefits of having our own thriving school garden.


  • Helping the science teachers by securing supplies; troubleshooting; keeping the planting schedule on track; help with general coordination between teachers, custodians, green teams, and other parent volunteers.
  • Spending some time on general garden work (again, no green thumb required), including watering, weeding, and clean up.
  • Contributing to our outreach by blogging and helping with online communications to the 372 community.
  • Helping with the Caterpillar-Cam initiative.
  • Attending the various “Grow To Learn” workshops that are held at various times of the year and/or assisting with grant application filings.

The garden committee meets most Thursday mornings at 8:30 am, either in the early science room (directly off of they gym, next to Coach C’s office) or in the garden itself during the warmer months.

All are welcome to attend in person or via 372’s Garden Google Group. Please send any questions to