2019 Read-a-thon Started Friday, Feb. 1


Date: The whole month of February 2019

Mission: A fun school community event, which celebrates reading while empowering students to participate in fundraising for PS 372.

All of the money raised will go directly to fund our school, 20 percent of which will go to our school library to purchase new books for the students.

How it works: Read-a-thon packets went home in backpacks the last week of January. If you need extra forms, they are below. Ask family, friends, and co-workers to sponsor students for either an amount per minute of reading or a lump sum.

Pay Online for 2019’s Read-a-Thon Here

Students participating in Ready, Set, Read! record their minutes (outside of the classroom) every day in their reading logs. Books count! Reading on a Tablet counts! Magazines count! Comics count! Newspapers count! Even homework reading counts! Students who are not reading independently should include the minutes they are read to by an adult.

February 14th will be the mid-month Tally Day to check minutes read and begin to distribute milestone minute badges. At the end of February, families return Reading Logs with collected sponsorship money & Pledge Sheets. We’ll have Final Tally Day March 8th, at which time we’ll distribute more certificates, badges & prizes!

Milestones & Prizes:

  • Every participant in our Read-a-thon will receive a certificate of participation.
  • Students will be awarded badges to showcase milestone minutes reached & read.
  • Students reaching each milestone minute mark (125, 250, 500, 1,000) will be entered into a drawing to win gift certificates to the Community Bookstore.
  • The class with the most participation in every grade will be awarded Read-a-thon Bookmarks & participate in choosing a new book for our school library with funds raised by our Read-a-thon.

Questions? Want to volunteer to help? Email us at readathon@ps372pta.org

Download Forms and Pledge Sheets