372’s Garden: 3 Things You Don’t Know

Here’s a bit about how the grant will fuel a new part of the school. http://www.growtolearn.org/view/ps_29_brooklyn

1.The Garden Will Be An Extension of the Classroom  Grow to Learn offers many resources to teachers, including lesson plans. PS 372’s garden is going to be integrated into the curriculum, and we’re working to support a system in which each grade will be assigned a different raised garden bed every year; the vegetables and activities, such as insect observation or water conservation, will reflect the subjects that they’re studying. Click here to see how this happens at PS 29 and other city schools.

2. Anyone Can Join the Google Group  Get yourself on the 372 garden google group to learn about what’s happening–without committing to any particular task or event. Part online forum, part listserve, the group is an organizational tool we’re using to get various supporting projects underway simultaneously. Curious about the garden in general? Join the google group and elect to get occasional email notifications via the digest or more frequent abridged daily summaries. Change your settings, or unsubscribe, at any time. How to Use Google Groups is a short, 3-minute video overview of how groups work.

3. There Are Dozens of Ways to Contribute, Starting Now! There’s always something to do for the garden, so we’ve got subcommittees galore. It’s a year-round project; one we hope to expand every year, eventually incorporating a garden to café school lunch program. See descriptions of the subcommittees on the shared membership doc. Don’t wait ‘til the tomatoes ripen to get involved! Whether you want to build raised beds next month, plant in April, take photos for the blog, help create the water harvesting system, contribute your culinary skills for onsite cooking demos or start a butterfly garden, we want you to sign up and get in the loop so we’re set to connect as soon as we need to. Thanks!