And the Winner Is…

Super-Sized Squash Weight Revealed!

Fun with fruits and vegetables! Class 104/105 studied this super-sized squash today! (see Guess My Weight)  Here’s Mr. Joe’s report about the official weight and the guesstimates:

Class 104/105 visited the school garden on Wednesday morning. We found a number of vegetables ready for harvest, including the large summer squash. Students went around to different classes and teachers to see if anyone could guess the weight of the summer squash.

Many of the guesses are listed below.
Class 100a: 100lbs, 3lbs, 3lbs 10oz, 4lbs, 1lb
Class 100b: 1lb, 70lbs, 62lbs, 2lbs, 6lbs, 3lbs
Class 101a: 2lbs, 2lbs, 40lbs, 50lbs, 30lbs
Class 101b: 6lbs, 3.5lbs, 12oz
Class 102a: 1.98lbs, 400lbs, 3.3lbs, 205lbs
Class 102b: 7lbs 16oz, 2oz, 5lb
Class 103: 3lbs
Class 104/105: 100lbs, 12lbs, 9.5lbs, 2.75lbs, 16lbs, 15 lbs
Class 109: 2.5lbs, 1lb, 3.5lbs, and “it’s heavy!”
Class 111: 2.5lbs, 3lbs, 7lbs, 2.25lbs
Ms. Rosa: 3lbs
Mr. C: 2 lbs
Ms. Kate: 3.4lbs
Ms. Julie: 3.5lbs
Ms. Chris: 1lb
After weighing the summer squash, the winner is…class 104/105!
The winning guess came from this class, with a correct guess of 2.75lbs.
Thank you to all who participated!

You guessed it!

You guessed it!