April 2024 General PTA Meeting Minutes


April 17, 2024

Hybrid (morning meeting)

35 attendees (10 remote; 25 in person)



15K418   93%

75K372   91%

  • Below 90% is considered Chronically Absent
  • If your child is absent, email the teacher with a reason. 

This will allow school to code positive communication for the absence.

  • Fewer students coming late. Note school starts at 8:10am. Doors close at 8:20am. Pre-K and K doors close at 8:30am.

After the doors close you may enter through the main entrance to sign your child in on the late log.


School Updates

School improvements: DOE is switching over to a camera system, and you’ll need to be buzzed into the building. 372 is in phase 2 of the process, which means basic framework is installed in the offices. School meets weekly with NYPD to discuss concerns around the city, Bridget usually sits in on those meetings and lets us know if there are any issues in the district.

E-bikes and lithium battery bikes must be parked more than 6 feet from the school, and must be parked in an enclosed space. This guidance will be released from the DOE soon.

Screeners (MAP growth and Acadience) will begin in May and run through June 14, which overlaps with state testing. These screeners are city-wide indicators. 

Spelling Bee: May 15 is the District 75 spelling bee; 2 Adelphi students will be in competition. 372 missed the deadline for Carroll Street but we are looking into entering nationally. Frank and Jackie are working on the details. 

5th Graders: Tiffany and Jeanine came up with the idea for former students to come back and speak to rising middle schoolers.  Panel discussion happening May 2. 

One School, One Book: Amazing: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Who Inspire Us All, thanks to Ms. Yvette for the recommendation. 


Important Dates

Parents as Partners: May 3 is final Friday of the year, there won’t be a PAP in June because it’s otherwise packed with events


School Events

Carnival: We’ll need volunteers. Sign up on Konstella. 

Auction: May 17 – Game Room at Industry City.  Early bird tickets $40 until April 19. Ticket packages available, invites going home in backpacks. 

Next meeting: May 15, 6:45pm, VIRTUAL.