April PS 372 PTA General Meeting Minutes

April 28, 2022

Held Remotely

33 Participants

Meeting Agenda

  • Welcome 
  • School Updates – Ms. Rosa
  • Parent Updates – Ms. Yvette
  • Outdoor Movie Night – April 29th
  • Bike to School Day – May 4th
  • Roots & Community – May 21st
  • Night at the Mets – May 28th
  • Auction & Party – June 3rd
  • Treasurer’s Update
  • We couldn’t do it without you! 

School Updates – Mr. Frank

  1.  Summer Program – 
    1. Will be in in the respective buildings for D75 programs
    2. Still awaiting information for D15 students
    3. Dates are 7/5-8/12
      1. If possible attend throughout duration
      2. Staff still TBD based on who applies

Parent Updates – Ms. Yvette

  1. Field Day is Back! This year at J.J. Byrne Park from 9-11am – no rain dates
    1. May 17th for Grades PreK-2
    2. May 18th for Grades 3-5
    3. May 19th for Adelphi St. students
    4. Permission slips from Mr. C will fill in details, please complete and return!
    5. A few volunteers needed to help coordinate kids at the Park
    6. Parents cannot dismiss their children directly from the field. For attendance reasons, please use normal arrival schedules, do not head directly to the field 
  2. No School on Monday, May 2 Eid al-Fitr and Monday May 30 Memorial Day 
  3. If you have questions, you can email Yvette at yvette.agasbautz@ps372.net

Outdoor Movie Night

  1. Tomorrow! Friday, April 29th
    1. Whitwell Gates open at 6:45pm
    2. Movie starts at sunset (around 7:25pm)
  2. In the school yard, entrance on Whitwell Pl. 
  3. Admission Is Free – No tickets or reservations required
  4. Bring blankets or beach chairs to sit on 
    1. People using tall chairs will be asked to take positions in the back 
  5. Cash Only for Concessions
  6. Please clean up and exit quickly when the show is over 
  7. Please review the Star Pledge with your kids
  8. No pets allowed
  9. Sales from concessions will benefit 5th Grade at both sites

Bike to School Day

  1. Four Routes – designated meet up times and locations
  2. Scheduled to arrive at school around 8am
  3. We have 37 families signed up so far with a total of 85 participants from both sites
  4. Sign up form: https://forms.gle/fTMC9GmYfSctvHJS9
  5. Can join in on bikes, scooters, or just walking
  6. We will be making fun signs at Movie Night

Roots & Community

  1. Travel the world and meet PS372 families!
  2. Celebrate our diversity and share our cultures 
  3. Live music bringing our cultures together
  4. Hosting a table can include an activity, posters, and/or games. 
  5. Currently we have the following tables represented: Japan, Portugal, Taiwan, Turkey, Germany, Bangladesh, United Kingdom and Canada. 
  6. This year, we want to host a table of Helpers in our Community (Police Officers, Firefighters, Doctors & Nurses, Sanitation Workers, etc) If you want to participate, contact us (can split the time too)!
  7. We are seeking more communities to be represented at a table! You can sign up here:  https://forms.gle/ehtAKJgTN9dGBjvD6
  8. Please email Frank (frank.ammirata@ps372.net) or Tatum (tatum.strum@ps372.net) if you have any questions. 
  9. In Big Yard (entrance on Whitwell) If bad weather, moves to Gym 

May Math Madness 

  1. Crack the the Secret Message
  2. May 3 – May 31
  3. Engage students with word problems and evening solving with families
  4. Designed from discussions in SLT and our math team 
  5. A collection of grade specific word problems 
  6. Continued word problem of the week 
  7. Celebration on June 1st 

Night at the Ballgame!

  1.  Mets vs. Phillies and Fireworks night!
  2. May 28th @ 7 pm at Citifield 
  3. Tickets $28

2022 Auction and Party

  1.  Party like it’s 2019!
  2. Online Auction opens May 27th on BiddingForGood
  3. Tickets on sale soon
  4. Staff and Teachers are Free
  5. Donation of items still needed!

Treasurer’s Report

  1. Fundraisers for PTA
  2. Annual Appeal is still running, if you haven’t given yet, check our website for the donation links. Inclusions.org
  3. Appeal is short of its budgeted goal, so any donations welcome
  4. Expenses steadily arriving
  5. Mini-grants for classrooms and specialists 
  6. Event expenses – our goal is to keep admission free
  7. 5th Grade working on Aladdin musical
    1. Scripts, costumes, rehearsals, and sets
    2. Whole school will be able to watch a performance 

Thanks and Volunteering! 

  1. Thanks to 5th Grade parents for handling concessions at Spring Movie Nights
  2. Volunteers are needed on these event committees 
    1. School Carnival for all our students (June 8th)
    2. Teacher Appreciation Lunch (June 9th) Chancellor’s Day 
    3. School Camping Trip (June 10th-11th)
    4. Contact us to join committees at info@ps372pta.org.
  3. Auction planning continues – any ideas for donations contact auction@ps372pta.org
  4. Thank YOU being part of our great community and supporting our school.  We couldn’t do it without you!
  5. The next PTA Meeting is scheduled for May 19th, 2022 @ 6:45pm 

Chat Notes:

00:26:37 Adrienne Chait (she/her): Great news about Field Day! Will there be T-shirts?

00:26:43 Frank Ammirata: *Monday May 30th

00:27:01 Frank Ammirata: Yes, there will be tee shirts

00:28:44 Alen Shapiro: Please, please, please… no kids running around the speakers area… please please please

00:36:22 Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo | she/her/ella: What speakers area, Alen?

00:36:31 Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo | she/her/ella: Oh, at Movie Night? 🙂

00:37:03 Alen Shapiro: Yup, movie night – speakers, computer, projector… always tough to keep that area safe

00:41:09 251028: Yes, please do go over the Star Pledge ahead of time (we’ll put in Konstella) and also tell kids the school building is closed, and there’s no playing basketball or with other gym equipment. Thanks!@

00:45:52 251028: Donate Items: https://inclusions.org/2022-fundraising-auction/2022-auction-donation-form/

00:46:35 251028: Please check ahead – it’s embarrassing if we ask multiple times, but we need more items so please reach out!

00:47:10 251028: inclusions.org/contribute/

00:50:13 251028: Thank you, Liza!!!

00:50:21 Frank Ammirata: Thank you Liza

00:50:34 Lori White: Thank you!

00:50:37 Emily Stutts: Thank you Liza!!

Submitted by Julie Lipton

PS 372 PTA Recording Secretary