The Call for One Time Grant Proposals

Do You Have A Great Idea That Will Improve Our School?

We Want to Know!

The PTA Call for One Time Grant Proposals Is Happening!

The PTA is currently accepting One Time Grant proposals (formerly known as Mini-Grants) for the 2018 – 2019 school year. Parents, teachers and other staff members are invited to make suggestions.
Past PTA approved grants have included funding for Field Day t-shirts with our new cheetah logo, a new video system for the cafeteria, One School, One Book book purchases, bean bag chairs and other assistive seating for classrooms at both sites, and Responsive Classroom training for teachers.
Last year’s One Time Grants went toward funding library shelving, gym and audio equipment, Alert Me Bands and a teacher’s lounge refrigerator, all at the ASD site. At the ICT site, grants included The Creative Curriculum for PreK & K, audio equipment in the cafeteria, sensory equipment for the occupational therapists, and Border Crossers Trainings for both teachers and parents.

Proposal Guidelines:
Please include your idea, purpose (educational use, functional use, grade(s) that it would benefit), as well as an actual or estimated cost. Return your proposal via the PTA mailbox in the cafeteria area or by email to (questions may be sent here as well). A selection of proposals will be presented for a vote at the April PTA meeting. Please be aware that some proposals require DOE approved vendors. We created a One Time Grant Proposal Template to make the process easier. Please see the Template for guidance.

Proposals are Due by Monday, February 26th.
We welcome your input!



Grant Request Idea:

I am writing this letter to request a 2017-2018 school year One Time Grant to purchase a water bottle filling water fountain for the ASD site.

Explanation of School-Wide Benefit:
This item would benefit our students in many ways. It is widely known that water consumption plays an essential role in living a healthy lifestyle. When water is not regularly consumed, dehydration can occur and result in headaches, irritability, and poor attention. These side effects can certainly affect a student’s ability to concentrate and participate in academics.

At the ASD program, our students have access to cups and a water cooler during meals. During snack time, following classroom movement programs, during gym, and at any other non-mealtime, our students only have access to one water fountain in the hallway and only one the ground floor. While this fountain does provide water to our students and adults, it poses some challenges to many students. Several of our students have impaired hand function and find the fountain difficult to operate. Our staff certainly will assist the students, but the ASD site promotes self-advocacy and independence. Operating a drinking fountain is a skill that most elementary students can perform independently.

With a water bottle filling station, our students would be able to use refillable bottles and have access to fresh water throughout the day. I hope that you will consider this request as it would be an invaluable asset to our school environment and would further assist our staff and students to live a healthy lifestyle.

Preferred product:

Estimated cost: $1,389