The Roots and Community celebration was a big success! Many parents and staff put their hearts, minds, and caring into the event. It helped strengthen the Children’s School ethic of respect and kindness through the celebration and inclusion of every person, identity and culture.


A HUGE thank you goes to:

  • The organizers, Michele Greenberg, Rafael Gomez Luna, Lisa Chamberlain and Eunice Beck, for their hard work and many hours of preparation
  • The hosts of the 14 cultural tables, who brought food, games, traditional clothing, decorations, and books to create amazing and educational tables
  • The incredible musicians: Anne Murphy and her Irish music trio, Linda Walker and her reggae band, and Madeline Solomon & Family’s Klezmer band
  • All of the staff members and parents who helped with the many, many tasks leading up to the day and during the event — it was truly a community effort

Greece and France tables

LGBTQ table

China & Taiwan table

Also: We raised $432 from lemonade and juice sales that we will donate to the Hispanic Federation, in order to aid those impacted by the hurricanes in Puerto Rico.  Thanks to everyone for making that donation possible!

If you missed it this year, you can check out our program and a list of tables here (PDF).

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