315 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

(631) 559-2852

Imagination and Drama classes 

FOR: 3.5-5.5 year-old children

with Claire Beckman

Co-founder of Brave New World Repertory Theatre,

Producer, Director, Actor


on 4/11/13 at 4:00pm

for more information and to register for Spring


or call: 917-660-4660

What is DREAMA?

Young children love drama because they live in their bodies and imaginations and drama sets both

free. I donʼt teach young children “acting”. Traditional acting classes help grownups rediscover the

honesty we had as children when we played pretend. When I first developed Dreama for my threeyear-

old-daughter and her friends in the summer of 2000, I wanted to create a class for young

children where their desire to “be” a princess, or a pirate, or a dolphin, would be as fully realized as

possible, complete with costumes and music. I wanted to give children a few tools for storytelling, like

understanding what a character is and being able to name and express their feelings. Most

importantly, I wanted to take them on journeys of the imagination.

Parents say about Dreama:

“The kids have a great time in a stress-free, non performance oriented class… pushing their imaginations to

the limit in a purely fun, creative, playful way… it doesn’t end in the classroom, Dreama has increased my

son’s awareness of his surroundings and helped him to work and play with other children.”

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