Summer school testing schedule for the ELA/Math tests are: August 8 (Math) and August 9 (ELA) with August 10 as the makeup testing day.

If a parent wants information regarding ELA/Math scores. The state defines the performance levels as:
Public school students: “passing” the test is level 2, 3, or 4. “Failing” is level 1. Charter and non-public schools may make their own definition of what is passing and what is failing.

Level 1 – Not Meeting the Standards
Level 2 – Not Fully Meeting the Standards
Level 3 – Meeting the Standards
Level 4 – Meeting the Standards with Distinction

(This is according to this year’s NYS science test scoring guides). The ELA and Math from spring 2011 have not yet been posted. The scores should be available to parents in ARIS Parent Link in late summer.

*Summer school tests scores will not be available on ARIS.

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