Electronic ‘Blue Card’ Now Available

Please help us gather contact and health information online this year.

Instead of trying to write important details about your child(ren) on a 1/2 sheet blue card, you can use the online form to enter all the data from your computer or phone.

The form allows you to enter data for up to three children currently attending The Children’s School. If you have more children, please do the oldest three first and repeat the process for the youngest children.

We will print ‘Blue Cards’ for use in the main and nurse’s office (just as they have been used historically, but since it is printed it will be more legible). Classrooms will also be able to have a set of information on hand for their own students.

All information will not remain online after the initial sign-in period. Updates to this information will need to be made via the Main Office.

When you use the electronic form you will have up to three Student sections, and one or two Parent/Guardian sections as well as an Emergency Contact section. The last question asks if you are ready to submit your information, and if you want an email confirmation of your answers. (Again, any changes/updates will need to be made via the main office. Please do not submit information for the same child(ren) more than once via the form.)

Click here to access the form.

The form is currently only available in English, so if you prefer a different language, you can complete the DOE Blue Card in that language and staff or a volunteer will transfer your information into the database.

Contact our Parent co-ordinator, Yvette Agas-Bautz, at yvette.agasbautz(at)ps372.net or Liza Gouger at ligouger(at)gmail.com if you have any questions or difficulties using the form.