Thanks for Staff Appreciation Day

Thanks so much to everyone who pitched in to make the 2015 Staff Appreciation Lunch a great success. Everyone had a great time and it is always an honor to thank our teachers and staff who work so hard to make our school special.

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First and foremost, a round of applause for our Staff Appreciation Day Co-Chairs: Hilary Bromberg & Michele Greenberg

In addition, many thanks to volunteers on the day of:
Amanda Alic, Sarah Klock, Judy Wong, Denise Maher and Benji, Radha Korman, Rai Ariz and Viva, Michele Shahwan, Jacqueline Ullman, Deirdre Chadwick, Jeff and Alex Gorlechen, Rafael Gomez Luna and Charlotte, Laurence Wong and Landon and Matteo.

Thanks to our CLASS PARENTS who organized the lovely class thank you’s for their classroom teachers!

Thanks to Mr. Artie for giving us the 90 mins!

Thanks to Tony for set up and more!!!!!

Thanks to Yvette for wrangling and overall awesomeness in the face of anything that comes up!!!

Thanks to our Fantastic Caterer: James Geritano at Bagels by the Park