A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to the staff and parents at PS372 who teamed up to make this event happen. There was a lot of flexibility, time and hard work that went into making our first outdoor movie night at PS372 a success!

Thank You Very Much to…

  • Mr. Frank & Ms. Rosa for all the preparation and support to make this event possible.
  • Mr. Doug & Mike Lanzi for their help with the screen set-up & tech support on Friday.
  • Mr. Unyque for all of his help, from start to finish, on Friday.
  • Our PTA President Liza Gouger for planning, prepping and helping before, during and after the event on Friday. 
  • Our Security Team Crandell and Digatano for keeping us all safe in the schoolyard.
  • Our PS372 Parent Volunteers: Kathleen Conner, Tania Ahmed, Lorna Arellano, Jessie Childs, Sarah Graham, Charlie Hart, Laura Mantell, and Alen Shapiro for pitching in behind the scenes and throughout the night.
  • And…one last Thank You to all the PS372 families who came on Friday night. Your cooperation and patience with the health screenings, Konstella sign-ups, and last-minute oil tank postponement were greatly appreciated. 
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