Family Snapshot

Talk about a year of changes for two brothers! Not only did Milo (4-3) and Emmet (K-2) get two new step-parents in 2011, with mom and dad each re-marrying, but both of them switched schools, starting PS 372 this fall. Over the summer, there were so many questions: Will we make new friends? Will we see each other during the day? Are bullies allowed at PS 372?

Fortunately for the boys, their transition was eased by a wonderful team, both in the school office and in the classrooms. Maura O’Grady was extremely helpful navigating the dismissal and bus complexities, given the boys’ two households. Ms. Debi, Ms. Janeice and the K-2 team seemed right at home with Emmet’s irrepressible nature, and Ms. Jami, Ms. Sarah, and the team in 4-3 went out of their way to make sure that often-shy Milo was mentored by a 5th-grader on how to have fun and make friends when you’re new to the school.

The summer’s questions and worries have vanished. After just a couple of weeks, the boys already feel so much at home in their new school that when dad brought home an adult-size PS 372 t-shirt from the PTA meeting, he was called out for his glaring oversight: Next time, two kid-sized shirts, please!