FAQ: Basil + Pizza Friday

What Does The Garden Have to Do With Pizza Friday?


It’s time for Round 2 of Pizza Friday; let’s talk toppings! As soon as the garden committee can grow some basil, we will offer the fresh herb. If you opted out of basil as part of your Pizza Friday order, please consider allowing your child to participate thbasil on Pizzais time! Here, answers to  frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost to get basil? Nothing. There is no cost to you.

If we opt in, does my child have to try the basil? No, she will be offered the fresh herb after she has received her pizza. Volunteers ask each child individually– whicBasilwSignOct2014h takes time, especially considering the brief lunch periods and everything else that has to happen (besides actual eating) including water and pizza distribution and composting.

Who should opt out of basil/herbs? Kids with food allergies, food intolerance or other serious food concerns.

How is the basil distributed at Pizza Friday?  Basil is paphoto(19)ssed via one or two dedicated volunteers. If a student is interested, a volunteer will spoon some of the shredded leaf onto her plate or slice. Many students ask for seconds; it is a race to get everyone their basil before they finish their slices.

Please make sure your child knows if you have placed him/her on the no basil/no herbs list. It is unfortunate when a child asks each week and we have to deny him because don’t have parental permission. What’s more, the more children who are on the “no basil” list, the longer it takes volunteers to distribute herbs. If this sounds surprising, consider volunteering at a Pizza Friday to see firsthand the experience! It’s very fun,and the kids love it– but it can get hectic, especially when there aren’t enough hands.

Who grows the basil?  The students! See the work they did on Science Day here.   Learn more about the garden committee at the next meeting.