Garlic Is In the Ground

Chesnok Red garlic                                                                    Three different garlic varietals were planted in a small corner of each class bed this week. While the garlic won’t be ready to harvest until early July, at the start of summer school, the crop is a beneficial one that enriches the soil over winter. K3 & 1-1 beds: Chesnok Red Purple Stripe variety. Originates from Shvelisi, in the Republic of Georgia. Late harvest. K1-K2 beds: Thai Purple Turban hardneck variety. Moderate to strong heat. Early harvest. Thai Purple Garlic

PreK1 & PreK2 beds: Shantang Purple Turban hardneck variety; sub-species of Artichoke garlic.This variety originates from China, but this seed stock comes from Washington (USDA certified organic). Hot taste/flavor, early harvest.Shantang Purple garlic
1-2 bed This entire bed has been seeded with a local varietal from upstate NY. Stay tuned for more information about harvest timing, and alternate space for 1-2 class this spring.

Round blue container: More Chesnok Red  round blue pltr- garlicGarlic (Allium sativum) has two sub species, softneck (sativum) and hardneck (ophioscorodon). The hardneck refers to the “scape” that later produces a flower. *Any K-1 teachers still interested in planting garlic can take the remaining bulbs; they’re in a brown bag (inside a Ziplok) in the bench.

The next garden committee meeting will be held at 830am on Friday November 1st, in the cafeteria.