Legislation to Have Dyslexia Recognized by NYS Education Law as a Specific Reading Disability

Dear Families:

One of our reading specialists, Mary Beth Crosby Carroll, has been working with Assembly Member Jim Brennan on legislation to have dyslexia recognized by NYS education law as a specific reading disability. Right now IEPs and psycho-educational reports don’t do this because dyslexia is not a recognized classification in state law. Bill A.2775 will change this and also ensure that a child with dyslexia will have a reading teacher trained in evidence-based effective multi-sensory reading instruction. Please e-mail:

Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan, Chair of the Education Committee

The e-mail can say:

Please bring Jim Brennan’s bill A.2775 out of committee.

Kids with dyslexia can learn to read if they get the appropriate instruction.

If you want to add anything else that is fine, but the most important thing is to e-mail her and have friends and family e-mail her. The more she hears on this issue the more likely it is to come out of committee. If you want more information you can contact Mary Beth at mcarroll@ps372.org.