ISO Empty Water Bottles For Science Day

imagesWill you donate your bottles to science? The Green Team Arts + Science Day Committees need your empties to execute a sub-irrigated planter project for the students. And we need a lot of plastic bottles! Please consider donating clean, used 1.5-liter bottles to 1.5-liter bottles at your earliest convenience.  We’ll collect from families on a rolling basis via Yvette (in the Parent Coordinator/ PTA Office). (Teachers + staff: Please leave yours in room 101.) Science Day is on Saturday 3.19.16, and we need to collect and prep materials far in advance.images-1

Thanks in advance for upcycling !  –Denise


We’ll plant BASIL on Science Day!






PS: Water, seltzer or sparkling or mineral water bottles only, please.  We can’t store empty soda or sugary drink bottles without the risk of attracting unwanted critters!  🙂