Step 10: Make signs.


Kale (or other hearty lettuces such as Swiss Chard, etc)  1 Bunch
Red Onions ½
Carrots, Shredded  2
Apples, Diced (optional)      1

Oil                                        10 oz
Apples Cider Vinegar             1 oz
Apple Juice                            2 oz
Raw White Onion, Diced         ½
Garlic, Fresh                          2 cloves
Ginger, Fresh                         1 oz
Poultry Seasoning                  2 oz

1. Cut and wash kale. Let dry very well.
2. Prepare onions, carrots and apples as needed (soak cut apples water with lemon to preserve color).
3. For dressing – Add apple vinegar and apple juice to food processor or blender. Add remaining ingredients EXCEPT oil and pulse to mix well.
4. With either processor or blender on, slowly add oil to liquid mixture until it starts to thicken. Taste and adjust seasoning, as needed.

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