Keep cuts away from kids!

From the UFT’s website:

Our schools have absorbed $2 billion in cuts already in the last two years and we must do everything to can to protect classrooms and direct services to children even amidst difficult economic times.

The governor has proposed a $579 million cut to the city’s education budget. We need to work to scale back and minimize these cuts and keep them from hitting classrooms.

At the DOE, contracts and consultants and other costs that do not service classrooms can be cut. At City Hall, waste and fraud like the CityTime scandal can be reined in. Retirement incentives can be offered. And in Albany, the millionaire’s tax can be extended to add several billion dollars to the state budget.

As the budget process unfolds, we need to stay actively involved and advocate for our children and our schools in every possible venue.

Take Action

Send a letter to your state legislators asking them to keep cuts away from kids and extend the millionaire’s tax.