Letter from Principal Mattia

Dear Children’s School Families:

WELCOME BACK to another exciting school year!  There are so many wonderful things taking place in our community and along with Ms. Cathy and Ms. Rosa we look forward to our continued collaboration that supports a rich learning environment where children feel welcome and safe.

Let’s get you updated on what has been happening since spring 2013:


Out with the old and in with the new!  After over 10 years of using “Everyday Math” as the primary resource we decided it was time for a change.  This year, we will begin to use the Department of Education approved math curriculum “Go Math”.  Over the summer, many staff members went to trainings to familiarize themselves with this new program and have already begun to implement it in their classrooms.  The program is aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards and has built-in support systems to meet the needs of students who require additional support and enrichment.


Thanks to the annual Reso A grant we receive from Brad Lander, a PTA approved line item for technology, and the ability to shift some funds within our budget, we upgraded our technology needs in several areas:

  • The entire fourth grade will be receiving new laptops
  • We are purchasing iPads and a Smartboard for the library.
  • The three Kindergarten classes will also have Smartboards installed in their rooms for September.
  • The ASD site will be getting some additional iPads and iMacs
  • All ICT classrooms will be receiving an additional iPad
  • Mr. Michael will receive some iPads for his music program


Ms. Aida and Ms. Grace applied and received a grant to automate the library.  The project was completed in June and as a result of their efforts our community will benefit in many ways:

  • All the books will be bar coded allowing for easy tracking and monitoring
  • Staff will now have access to online information to support their classrooms.
  • Library books can be ordered using their online system.
  • Library cards will be distributed to all the students.


I want to clarify any misunderstandings or rumors regarding the status of our possible expansion.  Earlier last year I announced that we would no longer be pursuing the expansion for the 2013-2014 school year.  This was a difficult decision but one that I believe was necessary to ensure a middle school program, if approved, will meet the high standards The Children’s School has always provided.  The expansion committee will continue to work with Department of Education (DOE) officials to explore what is required and how it affects our elementary program.  I’ll keep you updated of our ongoing conversation and negotiations with the DOE.


Overall, things went smoothly and happily all our current Pre-K and sibling students are part of The Children’s School family in September.  The process of admitting new students is very time consuming and I can’t thank Toni Ann, Annette, Lenora, Edy, Shari, and former PC Roxanna Velandria enough for all their hard work.  I could not have done it without them.


Most of the school has received an upgrade in lighting.  The classrooms, hallways, gymnasium, and cafeteria had their lights replaced.  The job was completed over the summer with work being done in the building after 5:00 pm on weekends.  As a result of this action, the building is much brighter and all PCB’s contained in the outdated fixtures are no longer present.


14 rooms in the main building had their floors replaced last spring.  The work will be done over a four-week span on weekends. Custodian Joe Randazzo has been in touch with the contractor to schedule the four remaining rooms yet to be done. Keep your fingers crossed.


As a school, the students performed very well on the State tests.  I would like to address this topic separately and will post an article on Inclusions at a later date.

Thank you again for all your continued support. Once again, welcome back, it’s going to be a great year.  Enjoy and be safe.

Mr. Artie