Meet In the Garden, Friday May 8, 8:30am

It's A Crucial Time for the Students' Transplants...And You Can Help Their Veggies Survive!


First grader’s transplants are lookin’ good!

Join the committee in the garden at the corner of 1st Street and Denton Place this Friday morning. We’ll need all hands on deck to build on and maintain recent successes:

  • A short-term watering schedule for the new pollinator-friendly plants on Denton Place
  • How we can support the teachers and help the students’ recent transplants thrive
  • Installation of the rain barrels on Denton Place on Sat May 16 (parents of Green Engineering enrichment students: Great opportunity to get involved with this class!)
  • Moving the Caterpillar Cam (and the newly-hatched butterflies) outside
  • Basil on Pizza Fridays. Kids are clamoring for basil but we don’t have enough to harvest. There are only a handful of Pizza Fridays left…Should we try to make one or two happen this month? If yes, we’ll need volunteers.

There are plenty of small and large ways to help! The garden committee meets most Fridays in the garden. Join the online discussion group ( ) or pop in to learn more.

+ + + Its not to late to watch the live stream of caterpillars transforming into butterflies in the science room. Send a request to access the private website to *** This project is funded by NEEF +Nickelodeon-***+ + +