Dear Children’s School Community,

I hope this article finds you well and that you are all enjoying the summer sun and fun.

Back in May, we spoke about the Mayor and his plan to layoff teachers and the budget cuts schools should be expecting. Happily, the layoffs were avoided but budget cuts left schools with the challenge of avoiding staffing excess and maintaining the programs that are important for our children.

After a close review of the budget and maneuvering of funds, it is my belief that we will be able to keep everything status quo for the upcoming school year. However, we need to understand the budget is thin and that we may be facing these same challenges next Spring. My goal has always been to spend our money wisely so that the children are receiving the necessary tools to succeed as lifelong learners.

On that note, a small committee of staff members has worked very hard in preparing the application for a school expansion to eighth grade. We will be looking to send the document to the Department of Education Office of School Portfolio who will review our plan and make a determination if we are worthy of expansion. Given the success of our school, I’m hoping we are invited to the interview process this Fall and that the eventual outcome will be the opening up of sixth grade in September, 2012.

While we have not received the official state test scores, preliminary results showed our school performed well. The State Education Department (SED) has decided to not release the actual results until sometime in August leaving everyone in limbo. I’m not sure of the reasoning behind their decision so we’ll all have to continue exercising patience for a short period longer.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all my staff at both sites for all their hard work and to all my parents for their continued support.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and look for my next article in the Fall when we kickoff another exciting school year at PS 372, The Children’s School.


Mr. Artie

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