New Sensory Room To Open at The Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Special Needs Kids Get A Room of Their Own at Brooklyn Children’s Museum

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‘….”Certain kids are going to be able to come into a museum environment and adapt and be OK and be able to do the same things anyone else would do walking into the museum,” said Aaron Feinstein of The Miracle Project New York, which consulted on the sensory room.

“But there are other kids whose sensory differences are so significant that coming into a museum is really difficult. With the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, we’re trying to create an environment where these kids can come in and enjoy the museum.”

The sensory room, which will soon occupy what is now a classroom space in the Neighborhood Nature exhibit, will have an entire wall of textures, a tank of fluorescent fish, and a swing large enough to accommodate adults and children. The lights will be filtered. The floor will be soft and the noise controlled….’




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