Notes From Spring Planning Meet 2.12

Brainstorm! Fun Fruits & Veggies to Plant


Pinstripe eggplant

It was the Friday before the icy cold winter break, and several committee members got together to discuss what to plant in the Inclusions garden. (See notes below, pls).Next meeting is Friday February 26th at 8:30am. New families, potential members are welcome! Can’t attend? Even if you can, consider getting to know the garden in these easy ways:

Notes from Meeting 2,12          ATTENDEES  Liza, Sarah C, Severn, Denise

Goals: Determine

1) the edible crops we want to plant & harvest before the end of the school year  


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We discussed suggestions for: White pinstripe eggplant (grows white); Peppers; cucumbers; lemon cucumbers; Brown Corn/sorgum instead of sweet corn (could use for popcorn); Swiss chard (with rainbow stems); Celery; Kiwi vine (@Liza to investigate); Snap peas, sugar peas; Potato (@Severn to investigate); Grapes (@Denise to investigate existing plant at ASD site); Oats; Flowers: marigold and zinnia; ;lots of Herb varieties/lemongrass,  

2) Which seeds to start indoors – and when   

To consider these, we need to determine where these would go along with when/if they’d need to be started inside.Group: Please share thoughts/info via email

3)  Supplies needed for spring plantings

To discuss: Estimate for outdoor power source install (for caterpillar cam) $3500.YES WE WILL ASK PTA TO HELP FUND

Edibles /spring plants to consider

New non-gmo seeds acquired at Old Stone House event:

  • Marketmore cucumber, Lemon cucumber YES
  • Mexican torch sunflowers
  • Nasturtium
  • Chamomile, Dill
  • Fresno chili  Q: How hot?
  • Blondkopfchen tomato
  • Snow pea

2016—Try cucumbers? ASD site will focus on herbs (spring)   Sarah wants to talk to @Julie + @Severn  about water source/ rain catchment on denton in april…attendees discussed possibly using the hose to fill a barrel when there hasn”t been rain (need longer hose) and using a nozzle/hose from barrells

Still do modified three sisters in side beds? With Broom corn? @Irene G; Thoughts?

Other ideas: Do soil testing/ buy kit for science day or for Fall?  Could use color-coded test/ ph test and compare tree pits to raised bedsm etc

Q: What do we need to ask teachers who have grow lights in classroom?

By Wed, Feb 4th date, teachers, pls let us know if you need:

-light bulbs for grow lights; soil; trays; seeds     -what else?

Other supplies? Row cover, caterpillar larva/medium,terrarium or some such for classrooms? Butterfly houses?  @Teachers?

Last March, we started inside eggplant, kale, chard, bok choylettuce, tomatoes; Others sown outside directly in April: corn, squash, beans (3 sisters), carrots, garden peas, snow peas, sugar snap peas, radish, beets

Start thinking about map

–See last year’s map:

–Move 3 sister garden to side planters this year?

Next meeting date: Friday Feb 26th

We will reach out to teachers via email and try to follow up via parents of kids in class. Note

(Liza – PreK1 Ms Sheila + Ms. Jacquie)

(Severn –  PreK2 Ms Janet + Ms Lori)

Irene’s 4th grade class/ Kerry’s 4th grade class…Anyone?