NYS Testing – A Parent’s Choice

NY State Testing –­ A Parent’s Choice

The PS 372 PAC wants you to know that last year in NY state about 20% of eligible students opted out of state testing. As a result, Cuomo has changed his stance.  He is conducting a review of the Common Core Standards with plans to revise them, and some parent concerns have already been addressed as noted in a recent letter from Carmen Farina. However, we believe that it is not enough.

  • The tests are still too long. With 6 hours of estimated testing (for 3rd and 4th grade students without an IEP) over the course of 6 days, it takes up too much learning time. It is estimated to take over 7 hours for 5th graders.
  • These are the same flawed tests from Pearson. Questar, the new testing vendor, does not begin providing tests until 2018.
  • The test results arrive too late to be useful for direct instruction.
  • Resources used for testing purposes would be better used for something else.   For example, instead of test prep, imagine a special Saturday workshop on something else our students need or want. For an example at the state level, the new test provider has a $44 million contract, while our school district is owed money to provide quality schooling.

For more information, check out the Parent Action Committee’s website from the Brooklyn New School ­including an updated survey of middle schools’ use of testing results in admissions.

If you are Opting Out of the testing which are April 5th, 6th and 7th (ELA) April 13th, 14th and 15th (Math) please send in a letter addressed to Ms. Rosa stating that you are opting your child out of the NYS Testing. Hard copy letter is best no emails. A sample opt-out letter can be found here.