October 2023 General PTA Meeting Minutes


October 17, 2023


33 attendees


Welcome & Vote

-Savannah Scarborough, Carroll Street Staff Representative


Addresses questions from emails:

Do classrooms still have air purifiers? Yes, classrooms still have two each. The difference is that using them isn’t mandatory, but Rosa said she could make sure teachers use them and the custodial staff will clean them.

Will we have responsive classroom? Yes, but we are holding off on that until January.

When is the safety town hall? November 15th, 15 minutes prior to the general PTA meeting. 

How can we support our new families? We continue to receive requests for coats, boots, sneakers, and gently loved items that are helpful and durable. Water is also a need, and Rosa keeps cases in her office to hand out. PTA has been putting clothes at a rack in the back of the building and people who need can take things at pick-up. You can drop off donations with Yvette during arrival. Asylum-seeking families may stay in shelters for 60+ days and then may move. We are hoping to keep our 20+ students, and Rosa is working with the families and the bus company to do so.

Brief overview of assistant principal areas of expertise: 

-AP Nash: safety, security, Adelphi site, and grades 3 & 5

-AP Baez: responsible for district comms, oversees PreK-1, academic interventions

-AP Ammirata: Academics, grades 2 & 4 

Data on testing & in D15:

Results are coming officially and the conversation is ongoing with the SLT. Many parents at our school opt out of testing, and we have a high proportion of students with different needs at our school. We did go up 3.5% in ELA and 5.1% in math proficiency. We started academic intervention services for students in shelters this week.

Lead water testing

A water fountain in pre-k tested high for lead, but it has been shut off for 2 years due to previous testing.

Arts update

Lunch clubs include: Music, ballet, books, lower science, medical illustrations  – children select choices at school and staff assign based on availability

Musical for the year: Jungle Book (April 17 & 18 performances)

Studios will begin Nov 3-Feb 9: Wellness, newspaper, set design, costume design  

District 15 musical: Annie is holding district auditions 

Winter Festival!

Mark your calendars for December 20th. It happens during the school day, with two sessions. 9 am and 11 am.


Safety Updates

Fire Alarm this week: we evacuated for safety because the bells went off and that is what we are trained to do, but it turned out to be the boiler work. FDNY cleared us to reenter. If you have a child who has high anxiety during drills, please:

  1. Let Bridget know by email
  2. Begin speaking with your child about drill occurrences, what they mean, etc.
  3. A lockdown drill is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 24. 


Thank you to the families who came to the picnic!

Middle School Applications: You should have created your MySchools account. Please check all of your information and if anything is incorrect let Yvette know asap. Applications are due by December 8, and the process opened October 11. 

-Wednesday, Oct 25: Middle School Information Session (virtual link; watch your inboxes the day prior). Send Yvette any questions by Friday, please. 

Picture Day

October 23 at Carroll Street

November 2 at Adelphi

Make-up day Jan. 16 ONLY for students who were absent (and sibling photos) 

Lost and Found

We are inundated with a pileup. Please retrieve your things, and ask your children to check the cafeteria things. Please label your child’s clothing. Use Mabel’s Labels and search for our school! 

Dismissal Plans

Pick up your child by 1:30pm if you have early check out. If you need to add people to the blue card, send an email to your teachers and Yvette, with the name, the relationship, and the contact info.

Parent-Teacher Conferences (virtual)

November 9

Half-day at both sites; dismissal time will follow soon

Brooklyn Strategist running a half-day camp with pickup and lunch 

**WE FOLLOW THE DISTRICT 75 CALENDAR. We have to do this for buses but please look at that schedule. 


PTA Updates

Pizza Friday: we raised $49,000 this year! There are opportunities to sponsor families in need. Volunteer sign up is on Konstella. If you volunteer please be on time, with your ID, and wear a hat. 

Email: pizza@ps372pta.org

Lice Day: Friday, October 20 (email Yvette and Michelle Dobson to opt out)

Movie Night: Friday, October 27. Halloween theme! This year kids are voting for the movie, and ballots are with the classes. Announcement forthcoming.


Movie Night

-Carroll Street Campus Big Yard, rain or shine  (gym is backup)

-Gates open at 6:15pm

-Movie starts at sunset

-Concessions include pizza, popcorn, water, sweets (donate baked goods if you want!)

-Cash only

-Sign up on Konstella!


Fun Run 

Saturday, October 28



One School One Book

Binny’s Diwali
Weds Oct 8


Virtual – readers list full

3 more planned throughout the year


Roots & Community

Saturday Nov 18


Held at the gymnasium

Hosting a table means sharing your culture in an accessible way—a poster, bring in food that illustrates your ethnicity, show a community group that you belong to and want to share, play some music. 

Email Frank (FAmmirata@schools.nyc.gov) or Melissa (Mamelkumov@gmail.com) with questions 


Gifts That Give Back

Easy links at inclusions.org to online retailers who give a percentage of your payment back to the school

372 Businesses

Family-run business directory 

Fill out the form here! 


Sponsorship available for our Spring Party. Tax deductible!


Thank you to Janice Clear, Jacalyn Asaeda and Julianna Calderon for leading Pizza Friday.

Thank you to Scotte Hardin for organizing the New Families Picnic.

Thank you to all parent volunteers for Pizza Friday and New Families Picnic.

Thank you to the amazing Garden Committee.

Thank you to Ms. Emily for organizing our Bike To School Days.

Thank you to Marissa DeVito and Sarah Graham for leading Movie Night.