October 23, 2013 PTA Meeting Minutes

October 23, 2013

PTA meeting

Dates to remember:

Veterans Day:  Monday, November 11 (school closed)

Picture day:  Wednesday, November 13

Parent-Teacher Conferences:  Thursday, Nov 14 (dismissal is at 12:10)

Winter Festival: Wednesday, December 18

Science Day:  Saturday, January 11


Mr. Artie welcomes our new parent coordinator: Yvette Agas Bautz

Contact Yvette (or Barbara Clark) for your child’s ARIS student number to track their progress in school (www.arisparentlink.org)

Parents will need a student ID and a temporary password to access their child’s information.

Please check to see all info is correct. Barbara Clark can change the info if need be.

Barbara Clark is also the IEP and related service coordinator.

Mr Artie:

Report cards will be distributed on November 13th. Report cards are based on common core. The standards are higher this year.  During PTC, parents will have 10 -15 min to talk about their child’s progress.

School Safety:

Building Response Team will run a soft lockdown this week.

During this drill, all doors are locked and children go to an area away from the door.  The building is then swept by a member of the Building Response Team to ensure all doors are locked and all children are accounted for.

Mr. Artie has a panic button in his office and the building is alarmed. This is a city-wide addition.

During a shelter-in drill no one is allowed in building ie: during a windstorm or if a crazy dog is lose.

Childrens’ safety is our first priority.

Regarding the doors on Denton and Whitwell: It is imperative to the childrens’ safety that the doors stay locked on Denton and Whitwell at all times. This includes the time right after drop off. Parents must exit through the main entrance of the school.  If these doors are open during this time, children can walk out the door or intruders can enter the building. Schools are on high alert, the importance of using the correct entrances is imperative to our childrens’ safety.

Vicki Cernos-Kiely is working to close off the 1st street to improve traffic safety during pick up and drop off.  To improve safety please abide by the following rules:


DO cross in crosswalk

DO NOT park at bus lane to drop off or pick up your child.

DO NOT double park

DO NOT park on sidewalk.


2nd grade chess and studios for 4/5 grades is being initiated.

Rosa and Artie: CEC meeting. An elementary charter school is being brought to the ASD site because the current school is downsizing.  Our school will get additional classrooms.

PTA is pleased to welcome APs and teachers to our PTA meeting: Cathy Sarno, Rosa Amato, Barbara Clark and Shari Zisman are present.

Abbie Gomez is chairing Equal Exchange this year. Orders are due on Novemeber 1st. 40% of our orders are donated to the school.

Can do also do online until Dec 31 but there will be 25% given to our school past initial order.

Hillary Bromberg will chair the Barnes and Noble fundraiser. There will be a gift-wrapping table. Can also shop online for a week after Dec 14th.

Please go to www.inclusions.org to shop on Amazon or Target to raise money for our school.

There is an open position to help organize Staff Appreciation Day in June.  Contact PTA co-presidents if interested.

Angie Kenny and Lisa Lewis are the Diversity Committee chairs. They are looking for parent buddies for parents who speak Spanish, Chinese and Japanese to maintain communication between those parents who do not speak English. This will help to keep transitions smooth, maintain these parents’ involvement and help them assimilate. New parents coming in may feel distant so these liaisons can keep them in the community and close the gaps.

Ms. Sandi is hosting a Harvest Dance Friday Nov 15 to raise $20,000 for a new wood sprung dance floor. Dinner is included. Need help to serve food,clean up etc. Admission is $12/40 in advance for individual/family of four and $15/45 at the door. Looking for different foods from various countries.

Nicole Krieger is working on the directory. Please respond to PTA email to ensure your info is correct.

Meeting adjourned 7:00 PM