Oct. General P.T.A. Minutes

The virtual monthly P.T.A. took place on Thursday, Oct. 21st. The next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 18, at 6:45 pm.

A recording is now available for viewing. Email info AT ps372pta.org for access.

PS 372 General PTA Meeting

October 21, 2021

Held Remotely

59 Participants

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Welcome to our virtual PTA meeting – Liza 
  2. School Updates from Mr. Frank
  3. Parent Updates from Ms. Yvette
  4. PTA News – Liza
  5. Upcoming Events
    1. Movie Night – Kathleen
    2. Brooklyn PTA Fun Run – Lori
  6. Treasurers’ Report – Tania & Charlie
    1. Gifts that Give-Back
  7. Thanks – we couldn’t do it without you! 

School Updates: Mr. Frank

  1. Staffing Shortage: Things are looking better.  
    1. Absent staff is slowly returning and we are also getting substitute teachers/paras.  
  2. -Bussing Issues – 
    1.  Bussing at Caroll Street is generally running smoothly.  Adelphi campus having more ongoing issues including a “phantom” bus.
    2. Administration continuing to elevate concerns to the Superintendent.  Also,using taxis/ubers at Adelphi campus.  
    3. Also logging in bus violations so city is aware
  3. Cold Temperatures/Ventilation 
    1. Continuing to make sure that school is meeting ventilation and CO2 levels
    2. As temps drop outside more “layers” might be required for students  
  4. C-30 for new Assistant Principal
    1. Interviewed five candidates. Next round is to narrow to two.  Ms. Rosa can repost position should current pool not have viable candidate. 
  5. Oil Tank News
    1. Oil tank suffered damage during the hurricane.  
    2. Oil tank is “temporary” while repairs are being made to primary tank.  
    3. Has been reviewed by school Custodial Engineer Mike Lansy.
    4. In addition, the school will incorporate the oil tank into “Science” learning including heating and cooling systems.
    5. Estimate for oil tank is 3 months but could extend to 6 months or even longer
  6. Special Education Recovery 
    1. City Central had a lot of discussions with parents prior to introducing to PS372 administration
    2. Will survey staff to see who is interested in staying afterschool to provide the SE recovery
    3. Busing may be available but logistics are still not clear
    4. Will provide information to the community as it becomes available.
  7. Acadience and Map Growth (Screeners) 
    1. More to come
    2. Will also be a social/emotional screener

Parent Updates: Ms. Yvette

  1. Morning arrivals: 
    1. 8:10am gates and doors open 
    2. Gates promptly close at 8:20am
    3. If your child arrives after 8:20 they need to go to the main entrance and will still need to be screened
  2. Middle School News
    1. NYC Schools Account for every student at https://mystudent.nyc/
    2. Open Houses still not announced
    3. Be on the look out for MySchools account to set up your account
  3. Character Day – October 29th
    1. Teachers & students dress as favorite characters from books!
    2. No scary masks or weapons allowed in school
  4. Picture Day 
    1. Nov. 1st @ Carroll Street & Nov. 4th @ Adelphi Street
    2. November 1st is a Monday so don’t forget
    3. 5th grader pictures will be used for yearbook
      1. Can wear cap and gown but needs to be parent provided
    4. Pictures will be taken outdoors, weather permitting
    5. Make-Up day December 17th 
      1. only for students who were absent. No re-takes and no sibling picture day photos will be taken
      2. No parent volunteers during picture day.  It will all be done by staff.  
  5. If you are bringing a dog to drop-off, after you show screening step out of the line or across the street. There have been situations where dogs are disruptive to the flow of the gate line. For pick-up please move away from the gates/doors quickly.

PTA News:

  1. PTA Calendar of Events
    1. Organizing as many regular events as we can hold during COVID19 precautions
    2. Happening soon: Movie Night, Brooklyn PTA Fun Run, and Picture Day
    3. Postponed: Lice Day, but rescheduling soon with vaccinated screeners
    4. Planning underway for various events, such as Roots & Community on Nov. 13th.  Goal is to have outdoors.  
    5. We’re discussing ways to have an in-person Book Fair in November for students
    6. Current events calendar will be available on inclusions
  2. Fundraising challenges again this year
    1. Pizza Friday has been delayed due to difficulties with lunch schedules & locations
    2. We will let you know as soon as we can launch the program
    3. Direct giving will be the best way to support PTA
    4. Watch for Annual Appeal announcement in November

Movie Night:

  1. Due to tank installation, rescheduled to Oct. 22
    1. Signups are currently full and there is a waiting list
    2. If you were signed up, you still have your spot
  2. Outdoors in the Big Yard — divided into a 6’ grid and each spot will accommodate a group of 4 people. 
  3. Gates open at 6:30pm and Movie starts at 7pm
  4. Concessions include popcorn, chips, and water/seltzer
  5. Concession sales will be *cash* only
  6. Parents will be screened prior to entering
  7. Gates will open at 6:30
  8. Bring a blanket and enjoy the movie!

PTA Fun Run:

  1. Saturday10/23 – Still time to sign up for this weekend!
  2. Event and bib # pickup starts at 9am at the LeFrak skating rink in Prospect Park, including live music
  3. Fun Run starts at 10am everyone is encouraged to loop the park
  4. Sign up as part of the PS372 team! Search for us or use link
  5. https://runsignup.com/RaceGroups/118571?groupName=PS+372+The+Childrens+School
  6. Supporting the local community for over a decade
    1. This year all funds raised for Title 1 Brooklyn schools
    2. Organized by Brad Lander’s office 
  7. Join Brooklyn PTA Fun Run 2021 social group on Konstella

Treasurer’s Report:

  1. Major Fundraisers that support the PTA
  2. Pizza Friday is delayed
  3. Annual Appeal will be starting in November
  4. Spring Auction & Party should be possible – great night out, adults only!
  5. Smaller fundraisers that help out
  6. Gear Sales – t-shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, and more with school logos
  7. Shop via our special links to vendors and the school gets donations when you buy
  8. Event-based donations help keep our entrance tickets free for everyone
    1. Look for QR codes at events or check our website

Thanks and Upcoming:

  1. Thanks for our great community and support for each other. 
  2. Thanks to Brad Eichmann for the his work putting together the back-end and web interface for Stay&Play and our event-based fundraising
  3. Big thank you to Kathleen Conner, Charlie Hart, and Sarah Graham for their efforts to make Movie Night a success, despite random oil tanks arriving
  4. Thanks to Lori White for coordinating Class Parents for every classroom and organizing the Brooklyn PTA Fun Run team for PS 372 
  5. Thank you to Sarah Graham for reorganizing our Gifts that Give-Back program
  6. School Garden – annual Fall clean-up day coming in November 
    1. Watch for date and come lend a hand, no experience necessary
  7. The next PTA Meeting is scheduled for November 18th, 2021 @ 6:45pm 

Excerpt from Google Meeting Chat:

00:34:48 Katherine Beto: Love that!

00:36:08 alien: Make it look like Thomas the Tank Engine

00:36:21 Sarah G.: Can you share CO2 readings? Or how often they are taken and what the city considers an acceptable reading?

00:40:26 Sarah G.: Will the screener tests be announced like the state tests, or all at different times for different classes?

00:41:00 Frank Ammirata: @Alien Thomas! Lol I love it

00:42:10 alien: “Alien” is Alex’s Dad… Once I figure out how to change the label… 🙂

00:42:22 Frank Ammirata: @Sarah I don’t have all the readings. I heard the highest was in the low 600s. I believe city considers 1000 dangerous.

00:44:15 Frank Ammirata: @Sarh The guidance only asks for monitoring of rooms that are reported/suspected as having a problem. We are asking Mike to do readings about 2-3 times per month. It is not required.

00:44:34 Sarah G.: Thanks.

00:45:52 Frank Ammirata: @Sarah Screeners will be announced but the date will vary by classroom. You will receive communication about the screeners but the whole school is not testing at the same time like during the state tests

00:47:02 Sarah G.: Will class pics be composites like last year I assume?

00:53:38 Michelle Dobson: Great job Kathleen, Frank, EB & Everyone else who are helping to make our first event back successful!!!

00:55:31 Frank Ammirata: Thank you PTA for planning all of these wonderful events for our community

00:56:53 Sarah G.: Fun Run Sign up: https://runsignup.com/RaceGroups/118571?groupName=PS+372+The+Childrens+School

00:58:22 Sarah G.: Konstella group is Brooklyn PTA Fun Run 2021 https://www.konstella.com/app/group/61719f236afad907d5f9837c/chats

00:58:36 Sarah G.: Shopping Links are here: https://inclusions.org/shopping-for-372/

00:59:35 Sarah G.: If anyone knows of affiliate programs that we are missing, please let me know.

01:01:27 Brie Ashley: Thank you all for all your work!! Much appreciated!!

01:01:37 Melanie (she|her): Thank you!

01:01:37 denapengas: Thank you!

01:01:38 Andrea Corbett: Thank you

01:01:40 Ethan Startzman: thanks!

01:01:41 Michael Huttenlocher: Thank you!

01:01:41 Frank Ammirata: Frank.ammirata@ps372.net

01:01:46 Will: Thanks for all you do

01:01:48 Lori White: Thank you!!!!

01:01:48 Katherine Beto: Thanks!

01:01:51 NYCADC: Thank you all!

Submitted by Julie Lipton

PS 372 PTA Recording Secretary

October 31, 2021