Plant Sale FAQ

Wondering about the plant order form in your kid’s backpack? Read on to learn about the curious aspects of this unique fundraiser.

Do I need to order plants in advance?  For most, the answer is no. ASD families and staff are required to submit a pre-paid order by Friday March 31th, if they’d like plants delivered to the ASD site. People who cannot attend the live sale at 512 Carroll Street on Friday April 28th (at drop off and pick up) are encouraged to order. Finally, families who are eligible for EBT or SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program formerly known as food stamps) and want to pay for edible plants with these resources are asked to order in advance.    

Why will the ASD site families and staffers get pre-paid plants delivered? Most students at the ASD site get bused to school, so it doesn’t make sense to hold a live sale. Without a parent drop off/pick up culture, there isn’t the a parent presence like at the ICT site. 

Why is the PTA Garden Committee accepting EBT/SNAP this time? In short, we’re doing it to be more inclusive. Sale sponsor GrowNYC accepts multiple EBT/SNAP accounts as payment, but only in advance.  In this case, payment is due a full month ahead of the actual plant sale/distribution. 

Why did I get the form if I can’t use it? Everyone got the form so that everyone is aware of the opportunity. The plant sale is a unique fundraiser–participation is optional but inclusive–-and it simply is not practical to send out individualized letters without compromising privacy.Thanks for your understanding and your patience while we launch this exciting initiative.

I have an EBT card and my family qualifies for SNAP.  How do I order?  If you have an EBT/SNAP account please read order form for detailed instructions on how to submit by 3.31 deadline.

How can I pay for plants? The garden committee can accept cash, checks, SNAP*, or money orders (but not credit cards) as advance payment. Make checks or money orders payable to The PTA of PS 372.

Do I qualify for SNAP? Find out if you are eligible for this or other nutrition programs or programs for families at AccessNYC.