Planting Basil SIPs: A Science Day Project

Plant Basil At Science Day!

On 2-Liter-SIP-3.9-300-dpi-dkongSaturday, 1.24, garden committee members will help  students plant basil seeds in a sub-irrigated planter made from empty plastic water bottles.

Step 1: Using a scissor or other cutting utensil, create 1-3 puncture holes in top of the bottle. Step 2: Cut bottle in half. Remove cap.

**Science Day Activity Starts Here! Adults will cut + prep planters so kids can start at Step 3: Invert bottle top (section with pour spout/ neck) an8ecdd013916470e07131ff90f7483e71d place a felt wick through the opening. Place the inverted top into the bottom.

Step 4: Fill the bottle top with special wicking soil (about 3/4 cup)

Step 5: Dig a small hole 1-2 inches and plant 2-3 basil seeds OR a seedling.

Step 6: (At home) Remove and fill the bottom reservoir cup with about 2-3 inches of water. For one time only, water plant from the top to allow soil and wick to settle. Wick should dangle into liquid to allow soil to “suck up” the water and “self water” the plant.

Step 7: Place in full sun/ windowsill.

Step 8: Replace water every 2-3 days. It is OK to spritz soil from the top, but “watering” should be done via the reservoir in the bottom of the planter.

Step 9: Stay tuned for more instructions via If you need to add soil, use organic potting soil. After about 4 weeks, we’ll ask you via the parent coordinator to return the plant to school. (Label planter with child’s name and class.) Basil plant will continue to grow under a classroom grow light until it can be transplanted into the garden in April.