PTA Dues and Contributions

The Children’s School PTA raises a large portion of its budget through financial contributions to PTA DUES AND CONTRIBUTIONS. To learn about how Dues and Contributions are spent, see the pages “How The PTA Spends Money” and “Why Our Fundraising Is Important” or you may also drop by the PTA/Family Office at 512 Carroll Street if you wish to have a copy of the budget.

The PTA requests $100 per student. However, the greater goal is for every family to contribute…in any amount.  We are one school, one community and it is important that everyone contribute if feasible. Whether you contribute $5, $50, or $200, every dollar counts towards the goal of 100% participation and is GREATLY appreciated!!!

Please Contribute Today!

  • To donate online, click HERE.
  • Send a check made out to Parent Teacher Association of P.S. 372 to the PTA office at 512 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215.

Corporate Matching Programs

Please note that corporate matching programs can double your gift. If your employer matches your donations, just get us the forms. Here is a link to a list of companies that match employee donations:

Companies That Match Employee Donations

Help us Reach our Goal of 100% Participation !

It is important to the school there is broad participation in PTA fundraising because it is considered to be a barometer of community involvement in the school. Organizations will use participation levels as one of the major criteria for awarding grants. Therefore, if you have not had a chance to contribute yet, please do so if at all feasible.

A Little Perspective on Giving

  • Any donation counts and is GREATLY appreciated!  Whether it is $5, $50 or $200, your donation will make a difference.
  • Getting close to 100% participation is very important because organizations will use participation levels as one of the major criteria for deciding who gets grants.
  • The PS 372 PTA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (that means donations can be tax deductible).

Please feel free to reach out to the PTA Presidents, Denise Gottwald or Lucia Burns, at, or Treasurer, Nicole Krieger, at if you have more questions.