Run for the PTA Executive Board

PS 372 is not just a school. For over 30 years, we’ve been a community celebrating the full spectrum of learning styles– students, staff and families alike. 

Part of what makes our unique school so special is the community of parents, teachers and staff who work together to supplement our children’s educations with financial and logistical support. The PTA needs new members to continue this important work.

Consider committing some of your time to improving every PS 372 student’s learning experience by serving as a member of our 2024-2025 Executive Board (EB). 

The PTA Executive Board is the elected body of PS372’s PTA. The EB takes on the responsibility of overseeing needed fundraising to cover the school’s annual PTA budget, which pays for many curriculum enhancements and classroom grants. The Executive Board also oversees community building events and After School programming. 

No special skills are required. We need people who are excited about making a positive impact at our school by devoting a little time and mental elbow grease to the collective cause – our children!  

The EB meets monthly online and members are also expected to attend General PTA meetings whenever possible. Go here to see our current EB:

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact the Executive Board at  

If you would like to run for a position on the Board, please send an email with your name, email address and the position in which you are interested to the Nominating Committee (Abigail Gomez, Lindsay Gideon and Sarah Graham) to this address:  by June 7th.

PTA of PS 372 Executive Board Roles

Mandatory Officers:Non-Mandatory Officers:
•President •Vice President
•Treasurer •After School Liaison
•Recording Secretary•Members-At-Large
•New Parent Representative
 •Adelphi St. Parent Representative
 •13th Ave Parent Representative