PTA Meeting Minutes 10-14-15

PTA of PS 372
General Meeting Notes
Wednesday, October 14, 2015

PTA Meeting October 2015

A. PTA President, Nicole Krieger

  • Nicole welcomed everyone in attendance; primary focus of meeting is communication.
  • First lice check went well
  • Pizza Friday started, any questions please email or visit
  • Denise Maher came up and introduced new initiative Ban the Bottle-stop using single use water bottles at school events/fundraisers. Single use servings are bad for environment, use more energy, and are unnecessary.
    Bring or buy your own cup.
  • New Green Team; first meeting will be held in the upper science room this Thursday at 8:25am.

B. Financial Report – lead by Treasurer, Radha Korman

  • Handouts of Projected and Actual Expenses Breakout & Chart distributed and reviewed briefly. We will e-mail copies.
  • First collections for Lice Checks and Pizza Fridays taken; right around $30,000, similar to last year.
  • Radha can usually be found in PTA office or contact via email at
  • Annual Appeal drive letter will be going out at the end of the month via email and as a letter in folders.

C. PTA Communications- what to expect & how to get connected, lead by Nina Crews & Pauline Treacy

  • Team email
  • How do we reach you? Website, Newsletter, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Posters, Banners, Flyers.
  • Looking for graphic design help for posters & flyers for events such as, Valentine’s Day Dance, Spring Auction & Gala, and Arts Day.
  • Send us stories & photos for the newsletters.
  • Power Points & Minutes will be on website.

D. Upcoming Events

  • Book Fair- November 2, 4, & 5. November 5th parents can shop during Parent/Teacher Conferences.
  • Roots & Community- November 14 Reminder will be going out. Please sign up to volunteer for a booth or entertainment.
  • June 11 school wide camping trip. Email will be going out but you need to reserve ASAP.
  • NOT MENTIONED: Equal Exchange is coming soon

E. Remarks from Mr. Artie, Principal

  • Please continue to support PTA. Please sign-up for Committees
  • Related Services in the midst of hiring staff.
  • November 17 Family Visit Day open to observe class for day. Letter will be going out.
  • November 5 Parent/Teacher Conferences ½ day
  • Checking into budget for training into school based community programs.
  • Partitions coming back around Thanksgiving or later; long-term goal is to have wall built in place of partitions.
  • October 30 soft lockdown scheduled as per city mandate. Email will be going out with information.
  • Ms. Sandi received an award from the NY State Dance Educators Association.
  • Ms. Sandi mentioned Save the DATE for December 18 Winter Festival school wide participation