PTA Meeting Minutes 1/20/16

General Meeting Notes

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A. PTA President, Nicole Krieger

  • Bid farewell to Mr. Artie and welcomed Ms. Rosa; video montage.
  • Holiday redux: Winterfest was great and so was Holiday Toy Drive.
  • Miss Rosa will be posting AP position; same C30 process; Mr. Artie will be at the school once a week.
  • Gift giving thank you note was received from a grateful family; thank you for participating and thank you Toy Drive volunteers.

B. Green Report, Denise Maher

  • Reducing what our school sends to landfill; PTA is doing what children do in-school bins for plastic, metal, landfill, etc… will be at all school events.
  • January 26th at 8:30, upstairs Science room next Green meeting.
  • Garden Committee will meet after Winter break
  • Cafeteria Culture Partnership visit website:

 C. Financial Report – lead by Treasurer, Radha Korman

  • Finance update for period 11/19/15 – 01/19/16
  • Revenue minus expenses $13,720.73.
  • Pizza Friday session 2 begins February 5th.
  • $5,000 made at Winterfest.

 D. Upcoming Events

  • Valentine’s Day Dance is February 6. Posters are going up and sign-up for volunteers on inclusions site. Roaring 20’s theme, decorating starts at 9am Saturday.
  • Pizza Friday Session 2 starts February 5th. Forms going home soon.
  • March 19 Arts & Science Day.
  • Spring Auction May 14- need a large committee to start now. Email will be going out for a meeting to help plan and implement.

 E. Executive Board for 2016/17

  • Please start thinking about whether you are interested in running for the EB next year.

See the Powerpoint for the meeting Below: